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  1. I think this might be a good thing. People got too lazy and stupid doing private servers.
  2. Hi, can anyone know a good way to create icons for new weapons/armours? I've exported some but have no idea have to do high quality icons. I know the method using granny viewer and taking a screenshot, bla bla bla. but the icons come out ugly, with low quality. so, does anyone know any better way?
  3. Personally I think this is a good idea, something I would definitely implement on my server. I've seen a working prototype of something similar back in 2016/17 but it was never finished due to lack of python knowledge (I think)
  4. Older clients used .xml versions, but xml is not really clear in a scheme like that i would much rather use JSON.
  5. https://mega.nz/#!rURCgAJS!FwzfQ3H4gCtIjCLCDuv_bGR-GJEUKw5VKvnctQLHbXk do you mean this? edit: I don't quite understand what you looking for, the first ever source to be leaked was in like 2013 or something along the lines, before that they were server files that leaked on few occasions but I don't think there is a older source code than that.
  6. Hello, would someone with some free time would be able to make a "tutorial" thingy about mob_drop_item.txt I'm trying to figure out how do all the different types and values work with this value but I can't fully do that. I don't understand some parts of the code, and I would like to know how the different types and values work. Big part of code is in this: item_manager_read_tables.cpp > bool ITEM_MANAGER::ReadMonsterDropItemGroup(const char * c_pszFileName) Arguments: drop, kill, limit, limit2, limit_hunting, thiefgloves
  7. Well the coordinates you have in db are global whereas the one in game are local (map). Try checking the coordinates against atlasinfo.txt it should be (global map coordinates + local coordinates = values in db) if this is true then all you have to do is write up map indexes with their global coordinates do some math against the coordinates from db and you have your plain local coords.
  8. https://mega.nz/#!Zxlk0SST!JVob6JD-sayPcwWOJ9EgXMyfp55hV5VTEkiVVPg-ivY
  9. Why don't you just follow the syserr?
  10. "made" what did u make? some recolours and the rest is from a icon pack by kanzar.
  11. Well.. kind of. I bought offline shops for a double price because the person claimed it's a new version, the shops had several issues and weren't even tested properly. I asked the guy for fixes but he was no help, It took my developer a few days but he managed to fix the issues, it wasn't due to duplicated functions thought just shitty code in general. Had to rewrite quite a lot on client-side. Which is a bother, because I bought offline shops for the exact reason.. that I didn't want to waste time making them.. and in the end we still had to waste our time fixing his poor code. In g
  12. I mean there obviously is a way to fix this, I remember having those "Chinese" errors when I first updated to granny 2.9.. I also had issues with some animations not working on NPCS (old lady and that Octavio guy) and I fixed that as well.. I just can't remember what I did since I've been like 4 years.. I would try converting the models first.... disabling syserr is not a good practice. @ReFresh what granny version do you actually use? 2.11.x or 2.9.x ??
  13. Goood, It's been so long since I've seen this error. If I remember correctly you have to convert all the .gr2 files into new format.
  14. I found it, sorry for the bother.. I had it on my USB drive with Objects. but I'm still looking for a in-game regen creator if anyone has it.
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