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  1. hey, i don't know why they didn't take adventage of this, but they did implement facial animation structures. so i thought why not make this aweful character a bit less look like crap. check it out yourself, won't make a extra video. DL: https://mega.nz/file/frYWHKDQ#os1fT3qS6vfZsdti8TZn9JQ36WULMxf5vVf2hsTkocI Best Regards
  2. someone plz spam this to gf, thx.
  3. yo, have fun! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDfPE9EesXI https://mega.nz/#!04w2kawQ!zmxNi_ukdlYCRA8I-l6eDdbQ1R0OMbBJdYk3pOruwIM Best regards, Ramses
  4. well, not for free. as a 3d modeler you can probably imagine how long it takes to lay out those meshes. also its still in progress as written. this thread is kinda a showcase for old stuffs.
  5. still in progress, so dont judge me to hard. the second one offical model
  6. hey guys, today i wanna introduce a cat based animation system for metin. it allows even 3ds max newbies to create some good content if you take your time :). basically it allows you to create a animations very fast with the adventage of human-like movements. i dont really think words can desribe it, so i've did a video to get you some taste of it. by the way, i saw a guy named phil3d created a system like that for maya a few years ago. however, take a look: Video:
  7. yeah, ok i c. looks like broadsword with changed texture, tho. well, i have a beta client but they removed already everything instead of maybe 1 or 2 useful things. its a shame, because we wont ever be able to take a look in the alpha content. they had lots of content in there like those skeleton mobs and other stuff. the only useful thing out of this client is maybe the skill proto. thats why i'm saying its acurate
  8. i assume you mean the blue circle around those players? thats a buff. and if you mean the skill with the shield icon (just named "shield"), thats a self-buff, yes. so what does the sura screen actually show or mean???
  9. its not a second strong body skill, its a buff. wait till' weekend, i'll update this thread
  10. hey friends, nothing much to say. these mobs are from metin1: DL: https://mega.nz/#!0lJ33YSb!mcqluOUVodQzKW_t0sgkbwgKyec9-Z9oEl7Z5kIkPgE Have Fun
  11. yep everything is acurate as you can see. and i wasn't planning to do a how to do for it, for now. im sorry.. this is only a showcase, as mentioned. unless they let me open a service thread
  12. it actually is official. but these skills were only implemented in the first korean beta from summer 2004. alot of korean players stopped at that time cuz they said ymir f'd the game. (i mean removing those beta skills and a lot of weapons / armors).
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