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  1. well, i already did what you just mentioned - but i won't create a thread for every little enhancement in the game (if you're really curious about it, you can add me to discord and i'll give you some insights). in fact this thread was created to promote this system, which would actually allow you to do the things you just wrote (in relation to animating, cinematic's etc.) best regards
  2. hey guys, from now on i will accept custom request's about modeling. no matter if it's "ripped" or completely selfmade, i'm confident i will fullfill your wishes and desires. I will do: - Ripping - Individual modeling (any kind of object) - Professional rigging - Professional animating - High-Poly Sculpting (Z-Brush) Payment-Method's: BTC / PP I'm going to use this thread as an additional sales-platform, so I will be constantly updating it in the future. Up for Sale: Valentine's Day
  3. hey, you can add me to discord, if you got any question's. i'll probably also upload a video in the next days, showing the exact features and advantages of the setup. hope this helps. regards
  4. hey guys, since this system is now fully based on using only cat (3DS Max - Character Animation Tool), you would even be able to use "Motion Caputring". Example: But not only that, you can now simply load animation's from a stack of other games. Everything fully working ofc. Here's a little example of that.
  5. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) hey guys, i exported this mount long time ago from linage2 as a test. i got no use for it anymore and before i delete it, i thought i might share it with you guys. maybe someone will use it DL: https://mega.nz/file/1QJhmK5R#LhIcl4TmhjHaRyAYQwXQZhbekczDqLDtZ1mrdwH9zvA best regards
  6. - Support for Lighting Map's aka "Dungeon Block" Models added
  7. probably one of very very few people, who actually know what they're doing. can recommend.
  8. probably one of very very few people, who actually know what they're doing. can recommend.
  9. that's true, but as i've said it was quite a process. best regards
  10. hey guys, this post goes out to everyone, who always wanted to create their own animations! I have created a Rig-System for every metin character, which allows you to animate more realisticly. to make it clear, i am going to show you what i mean. So, what does it do? how does it work? Basically it gives you the oppertunity to animate any metin character in any way you want. You always thought about flying characters, or swimming? no problem at all! With this system you will be able to create professional animation within minutes. you don't even need any kind of 3d knowled
  11. Hi Devs! well, first of all - thanks for clicking my post. my name is dexam / ramses and i am a active member of this community for a long time now. i always enjoyed editing and playing our beloved game, due to the reason it's the hobby of us and we're all having some kind of nostalgic realtion to it. that's maybe also one of the reasons why we're all part of this community. i think i don't have to explain it further. seeing this game slowly die, is a fact we can't prevent much. it actually depends on the interest of the people into the game itself. so, i reflected myself: How
  12. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) hey, i don't know why they didn't take adventage of this, but they did implement facial animation structures. so i thought why not make this aweful character a bit less look like crap. check it out yourself, won't make a extra video. DL: https://mega.nz/file/frYWHKDQ#os1fT3qS6vfZsdti8TZn9JQ36WULMxf5vVf2hsTkocI Best Regards
  13. someone plz spam this to gf, thx.
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