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  1. Clearly, you have no idea what the hell are you talking about. Maybe your Google translate is wrong or something, I don't know, and I don't care. Who the hekk told you that you work with Gameforge? Clearly, you will never work with them, as you have some mental problem. Referring to your misterious Aeldra shutdown, belive me, so many people report so many server every single day. You are not special, and you have to deal with it. You are just a random person in the queue, who think that made a change. But obviously doesn't. Get your head out of your back part my friend, and think again your bullshit.
  2. Thank's God, we have a superhero here, in our forum! I can truly say, that thanks to your hard work, and all your professional and even more detailed reports to Gameforge, Aeldra went down. It's your achievement. No one can take it from you. You was so damn good, and your words was sharper than a Hattori Hanzo sword. Please, keep doing that, I believe in you. You will save the Metin from apocalypse, and your name will be in the history books. I also think, that Gameforge should hire you, as a professional server reporter. What a great opportunity would be, for such a narcisstic,deluded, pathetic, WANNABE person. God bless you, my friend.
  3. Wait a sec. Are you playing on GF servers, or some kind of pvp server? If GF, your suggestions will be deleted by them, they don't give a shit about it. If you play on private server, you can suggest to increase the damage of monsters, and you can safely say to implement AVG damage resistant. But there are many other ways to avoid these problems. critical/penetrate damage resistant for example. If you want to focus on skills, just tell them to increase the skill damages in certain classes. Or add some skill damage in certain item/biology/stone/dew/ etc. There are no limit if you play on private server. The problems are mostly owners/game developers without any clue of the game.
  4. Apranax


    Top quality +++
  5. Don't worry guys, he has some university things to do first, and after that, he will finish the v10. I think around end of July or August.
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