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  1. ~~ YEIII 3 YEAR CELEBRATION... OH wait nvm still v4
  2. I can sell you marty v31 for 10.000€ (i already added a 90% discount on that) Only available until tomorrow
  3. Phoenix MA | [email protected]?T / KiraXuniliX | ArSenalOmeGa Dev | SenpaiCreepyJah | The MonsterTronic | NitrozKartz All of these names remind me of me when i was a 10 year old playing minecraft
  4. Could you provide me a picture with a little bit more blur? I have 2 types of packages for that auto patcher: 1) The blur patcher, i make a patcher that is blurry like that 2) I make a patcher that isnt blurry but you remove your glasses when i give it too you
  5. Some guy @teatone slept with and never responded to his texts
  6. I think the real question everyone is wanting to ask is: How much free time do you have, to sit around all day reporting metin2 servers to gameforge? "Markus please respond" Never say that, you will look like a girl that got ghosted on instagram. It is time for you to go out, make friends, bang a chick and get a job. Because lets keep it real, reporting metin2 servers is the ultimate g*ayest thing i have ever seen and i met James Charles. What i know from you is that you made a sh*t game on hero engine and don't have nothing better to do than to spam gameforge with servers of a dead game. It is time for you to go find that missing chromosome
  7. Only reason 95% use Discord. Good Luck with the discord!
  8. Update the discord link my friend. Thanks
  9. It is also not working... it says invalid invite... Alllllll byyyyyy myyyyyysellllllllfffffff dont wanna beee alllll byyyy myyyyyyseeeeeeelf anymoreeeeee
  10. What is the discord link? That one is broken
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