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  1. Toto už jsem zkoušel s více editorama a nic se nezměnilo, akorát to ve hře začalo psát korejský znaky Tak nevím jak, ale nakonec se to rozjelo
  2. It doesn't matter what I use it always happens the same thing
  3. Hi community, I have such a pretty tricky problem with locale_string.txt, I need to translate the word into Czech, which means I have to have diacritics in this file. I can easily save this file as UTF8, but the server always takes the original translation, but if I leave it in the EUC-KR encoding, the translation will remain without diacritics.. Could you help me with this problem?
  4. This is super cool but this language like cz is in bad encoding, but still thx
  5. Hello guys i have little problem with this database (putty) problem There is write if i want create some account with Then show this error
  6. How much could I get to program a website?
  7. Your help successfully helped me and I respect that but.. https://ctrlv.cz/lr7C
  8. Hello DEV Community i need your help.. I can try build solution in VS 2017 / 2015 and 2013 and it write me same error can anyone help? Please.. These Errors
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