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  1. Hello. I have animated login screen background. Method from ani_image I'm not interested but I have 1000 frames in background (1 file have 2MB… 1 video have 5MB) I need possibility for running this background as video on login board (e.g. avi or mp4) I will pay for solving my problem. Thanks, MZakol.
  2. Please reupload, url ( http://puu.sh/hl0tM/00f1d70392.rar ) not work
  3. Version of Files : Source Hello. I have a problem with dmghack on my server (mainly ninjas with bow) Peoples hiting monster with 100 times on second a killing all monsters and players in few second even at a low level. I have deleted hack shield, sequence system, improved packet encryption in my source. Could someone help me with some limiter hit? I can pay for help. Best regards Mark Zakol.
  4. Hello. Very please reupload skeletons, its amazing!
  5. Hello. I have a very important problem. One person is capable of duplication item use stacked items and normal npc shops. This person repeats all the time: ITEM_SPLIT, Relog, ItemReSplit, Sell Item. What is going on? What's the problem? Best Regard, Mzakol.
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