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  1. Hello bros, I have a bug that I can not find the problem, it does not throw me sysser or anything. The problem occurs when I connect a character and when I enter I see the other players with the sash higher, it only happens in that case where I enter and see the others like that. Someone please, if you know something about that problem, it would help me a lot, thank you. I leave you the example of the problem
  2. I have a little problem with my mounts, the name when I ride appears too high on the character, only occurs when using the mounts, my question is where should I change to lower it to a normal height, I would really appreciate it.
  3. what is the problem? If you see in my inventory it looks like it should be but in my item shop it goes crazy it does not load, and the same happens with the costumes, some are seen, others are not and others are the same, you see another different outfit or nothing just the character with nothing. ITEMSHOP
  4. Hi bro, I have a problem installing a new system, the problem is around this error, every time I activate the system, it takes me to login and the error appears: header 93 is the new system that I have put in, I have tried to change the number in case that is the problem, but it always appears the same :c I would greatly appreciate someone who could guide me with this problem.
  5. sorry but it is already solved, and sorry for not asking to close the thread, it still doesn't have to do with the path and my problem is how you say I should use the gmake all command and a specific vdi to compile.
  6. Hello brothers, I am somewhat stuck in this error when compiling the source game, I have searched but I have not found anything similar in any forum, the problem is at the end of the compilation of game it asks me for these 2 files and I cannot find them anywhere: liblua.a, liblualib.a, I put a sample image with the error at the end of the compilation. I would appreciate if you could guide me with this problem, if something is missing to install or if it is a more complicated problem. thanks to those who respond.

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