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  1. PACI


    WoM2 received a closure letter written by Gameforge demanding the shutdown of the server. A week prior the official shutdown, the entire WoM community received a clear and honest notice about the situation. It did not close without an explanation.
  2. It triggers me so much that the server is presented as internacional (typo on the logo, but written correctly on the thread's title), yet the presentation is half spanish.
  3. Their vnums are 141 and 142, respectively, and they are part of the sources, all you need is the proper skill_proto entry for them to function. One of them is defined as SKILL_ADD_HP iirc. You could start from there.
  4. irois du mar nobre polvo
  5. u write sel post for i?
  6. hi i post for name lopez sel sistem for rank vip buy he portugalian
  7. I'm sorry but calling it an international server, daring to write the server title in Portuguese, and, yet, writing "Portugalian" in the presentation is ridiculous and unacceptable. Good luck nevertheless.
  8. If conqueror level and generic level are different character points, I assume the method player.GetLevel() will not retrieve a sum of both of them. That leaves us with the condition where you check for player.GetConquerorLevel(), however it seems you forgot to use parenthesis upon calling for this method.
  9. Sorry what are you asking? Not sure if you are for real or trolling.
  10. There is very little information to try and help efficiently, you could start by checking on the logs this player triggers upon this event, or even provide them.
  11. Hello. I reckon important to always log datetimes of actions. The table you provide there could use an account ID field (so you can basically track the account that was HWID banned) and a datetime row (for verification purposes if ever needed). Maybe then limit the rows of that query to 1, since one single result is plenty enough for this verification to do its job. This is considering you have a game management platform (adminpage) where you (or your teammates) can trigger these type of actions. It's also important, the moment of the ban to update the state of the affected account to 'BLOCK' instead of simply adding its hwid into a table, or you might just end up having this player use other methods to enter the game under this (supposedly) locked account. For the rest, you should probably only update the player's HWID once it reaches the handshake phase, because there is just no need to do so beforehand, especially when (during server launches or restarts) a lot of people tend to connect all at once. These are only friendly advises that in my opinion are important to consider for this particular addition. But the content OP proposed is definitely a start! Good share!
  12. There are plenty of other methods to cancel skill animations. It is not exclusive to switching gear, you can also do it by triggering certain emotions, or playing with certain items that often cause some lag (due to the massive usage of CHARACTER::ComputePoints() perhaps, such as the Auto-potions, or Dragon Soul). You could start doing that, but my advise is to consider each skill individually, as their animations have different duration. Using the same value as cooldown will not do the trick.
  13. May I ask why is this limited? You could as well just create separate fields for costume_body, costume_head, costume_weapon (or even costume_acce, if wanted), in the common item_attr table, and you'd break the limitation, if any.
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