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  1. I no that, but I don't Know exactly the cpp file and function where I shuld modify in long long, that's why I ask for help. Can you Help or not?
  2. Hi, I take out limit yang for Inventory and trade, but I don't know what's the .cpp file for Shop/ShopOffline, I folow this tutorial https://mega.nz/#!0Tp3AQKK!OHymHIwj9n5Dn1WGBj4sijJAyTVdQ76Z-QfVA3oJe60, I verify twice the steps, can someone help me please?
  3. How can to forgot, I no I do everythink from that tutorial, except LL to GOLD_MAX but now I do that to...
  4. I fixed the last error but I get this now and I don't know how to fix it, can help me?
  5. Ok so I have a new problem, I want to compile game and I get this error with long long in putty, and I don't know why becouse last time I can compile game, but now I want again. :-? Db compile well.
  6. Yes, that is what I shuld do, thank you very much.
  7. I no to line 70 and to line 70 is GOLD_MAX=........, I put this number: 9000000000 an get that error. I'm sure I have to modify to long long but I don't know where, I do all from tutorial.
  8. I do like in tutorial and I was careful to do not make somethink wrogn, I chek 2 times, but when I compile db I get this error in putty https://imgur.com/a/42lhwcv . I Don't find a full tutorial and don't know where I shuld modify int in long long anymore. Can someone help me please?
  9. Hi, can give me someone a tutorial for change yang limit please?
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