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  1. Opening date: 03.04.2020 Do you want to make fast MDs? We have a contest where you just have to invite people to the discord server! Rohiri2 Discord Rohiri2 Website
  2. in cmd please change from SV_PLAYER TO GM_PLAYER cause i changed them in my server.
  3. Hello , this is one of my first systems that i made for my pvp server 1-2 years ago and since then i was using it and it has no problems. I'm not a system's developer i only made things for my servers and this one i want to share with you. https://mega.nz/#!esBDGQRL!CJof_zrdIkYvMmEsyZPhRG5AIFJ4U-TLGB4dWighQdE
  4. Hi , soon i will open an international pvm [Astro2.net] that i have been working for a long time. The server has reached the testing stage and I need people to help me ( the testers will receive at server opening md's depending on the time spent on the server and the bugs they found and also they can apply for helper/gm authority if they have serious intentions. I'm also looking for investitors with serious intentions. If you're interested and want to be part of our team , let me a private message. Thanks for your time .
  5. Co0L

    open crashcore

    I think i solved it , i was using in shop.cpp autogiveitem() instead of createitem() when buy an item cause i made a multi buy system and i think that was the problem , the server wasn't saving the items correctly.
  6. Co0L

    open crashcore

    The problem is that the item is deleted immediately after the crash and I can't figure out what's wrong with it..
  7. Co0L

    open crashcore

    bt full: https://gyazo.com/25795c69737dd867eae129ebbdb299b9
  8. Co0L

    open crashcore

    i found this in syserr DestroyItem: WTH! Invalid item owner. owner pointer : 0x32e92000
  9. Co0L

    open crashcore

    void CHARACTER::Destroy() { CloseMyShop(); if (m_pkRegen) { if (m_pkDungeon) { if (m_pkDungeon->IsValidRegen(m_pkRegen, regen_id_)) { --m_pkRegen->count; } } else { if (is_valid_regen(m_pkRegen)) --m_pkRegen->count; } m_pkRegen = NULL; } if (m_pkDungeon) { SetDungeon(NULL); } #ifdef __PET_SYSTEM__ if (m_petSystem) { m_petSystem->Destroy(); delete m_petSystem; m_petSystem = 0; } #endif #ifdef ENABLE_MOUNT_COSTUME_SYSTEM if (m_mountSystem) { m_mountSystem->Destroy(); delete m_mountSystem; m_mountSystem = 0; } if(GetMountVnum()) { RemoveAffect(AFFECT_MOUNT); RemoveAffect(AFFECT_MOUNT_BONUS); } #endif HorseSummon(false); if (GetRider()) GetRider()->ClearHorseInfo(); if (GetDesc()) GetDesc()->BindCharacter(NULL); if (m_pkExchange) m_pkExchange->Cancel(); SetVictim(NULL); if (GetShop()) { GetShop()->RemoveGuest(this); SetShop(NULL); } ClearStone(); ClearSync(); ClearTarget(); if (NULL == m_pkMobData) { DragonSoul_CleanUp(); ClearItem(); } LPPARTY party = m_pkParty; if (party) { if (party->GetLeaderPID() == GetVID() && !IsPC()) { M2_DELETE(party); } else { party->Unlink(this); if (!IsPC()) party->Quit(GetVID()); } SetParty(NULL); } if (m_pkMobInst) { M2_DELETE(m_pkMobInst); m_pkMobInst = NULL; } m_pkMobData = NULL; if (m_pkSafebox) { M2_DELETE(m_pkSafebox); m_pkSafebox = NULL; } if (m_pkMall) { M2_DELETE(m_pkMall); m_pkMall = NULL; } m_set_pkChrSpawnedBy.clear(); StopMuyeongEvent(); event_cancel(&m_pkWarpNPCEvent); event_cancel(&m_pkRecoveryEvent); event_cancel(&m_pkDeadEvent); event_cancel(&m_pkSaveEvent); event_cancel(&m_pkTimedEvent); event_cancel(&m_pkStunEvent); event_cancel(&m_pkFishingEvent); event_cancel(&m_pkPoisonEvent); event_cancel(&m_pkFireEvent); event_cancel(&m_pkPartyRequestEvent); event_cancel(&m_pkWarpEvent); event_cancel(&m_pkCheckSpeedHackEvent); event_cancel(&m_pkMiningEvent); for (itertype(m_mapMobSkillEvent) it = m_mapMobSkillEvent.begin(); it != m_mapMobSkillEvent.end(); ++it) { LPEVENT pkEvent = it->second; event_cancel(&pkEvent); } m_mapMobSkillEvent.clear(); ClearAffect(); for (TMapBuffOnAttrs::iterator it = m_map_buff_on_attrs.begin(); it != m_map_buff_on_attrs.end(); it++) { if (NULL != it->second) { M2_DELETE(it->second); } } m_map_buff_on_attrs.clear(); event_cancel(&m_pkDestroyWhenIdleEvent); if (m_pSkillLevels) { M2_DELETE_ARRAY(m_pSkillLevels); m_pSkillLevels = NULL; } CEntity::Destroy(); if (GetSectree()) GetSectree()->RemoveEntity(this); #ifdef ENABLE_SYNC_HACK_FIX sync_hack = 0; sync_count = 0; sync_time = 0; #endif }
  10. Co0L

    open crashcore

    it was deleted on clear.sh , i will post it when the server will make the crashcore again
  11. Hello m2dev , i am working on my server and i solved a lot in it but with this problem i need some help . I don't know how to make this crashcore or when it happens and i don't have any idea of what is wrong. Here are the crashcore details: https://gyazo.com/d5389b58387bc32da6992095e06561f2 clearitem function: void CHARACTER::ClearItem() { int i; LPITEM item; for (i = 0; i < INVENTORY_AND_EQUIP_SLOT_MAX; ++i) { if ((item = GetInventoryItem(i))) { item->SetSkipSave(true); ITEM_MANAGER::instance().FlushDelayedSave(item); item->RemoveFromCharacter(); M2_DESTROY_ITEM(item); SyncQuickslot(QUICKSLOT_TYPE_ITEM, i, 255); } } for (i = 0; i < DRAGON_SOUL_INVENTORY_MAX_NUM; ++i) { if ((item = GetItem(TItemPos(DRAGON_SOUL_INVENTORY, i)))) { item->SetSkipSave(true); ITEM_MANAGER::instance().FlushDelayedSave(item); item->RemoveFromCharacter(); M2_DESTROY_ITEM(item); } } } and destroy function: void ITEM_MANAGER::DestroyItem(LPITEM item) { if (item->GetSectree()) item->RemoveFromGround(); if (item->GetOwner()) { if (CHARACTER_MANAGER::instance().Find(item->GetOwner()->GetPlayerID()) != NULL) { sys_err("DestroyItem: GetOwner %s %s!!", item->GetName(), item->GetOwner()->GetName()); item->RemoveFromCharacter(); } else { sys_err ("WTH! Invalid item owner. owner pointer : %p", item->GetOwner()); } } TR1_NS::unordered_set<LPITEM>::iterator it = m_set_pkItemForDelayedSave.find(item); if (it != m_set_pkItemForDelayedSave.end()) m_set_pkItemForDelayedSave.erase(it); DWORD dwID = item->GetID(); sys_log(2, "ITEM_DESTROY %s:%u", item->GetName(), dwID); if (!item->GetSkipSave() && dwID) { DWORD dwOwnerID = item->GetLastOwnerPID(); db_clientdesc->DBPacketHeader(HEADER_GD_ITEM_DESTROY, 0, sizeof(DWORD) + sizeof(DWORD)); db_clientdesc->Packet(&dwID, sizeof(DWORD)); db_clientdesc->Packet(&dwOwnerID, sizeof(DWORD)); } else { sys_log(2, "ITEM_DESTROY_SKIP %s:%u (skip=%d)", item->GetName(), dwID, item->GetSkipSave()); } if (dwID) m_map_pkItemByID.erase(dwID); m_VIDMap.erase(item->GetVID()); M2_DELETE(item); } any idea is welcome , thank you for your time.
  12. bump I'll add a new list with fixes and changes
  13. Co0L

    People for translate

    UP !! - EN,RO,PL,PT,CZ,HU,TR are ready !! Searching for someone who can translate in DE !!!
  14. Co0L

    People for translate

    Up! Turkish and Polish finished.
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