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  1. Hello, I saw for a long time that there was a guide where it was said how to do it so that you could kick the offline store from the command GM, like /dc_off_shop nickname. But now I can’t find it on the forum, can someone tell me how to do this?
  2. Hello, I have problem with split inventory (special inventory), when i refine item with item which in split inventory, i can refine item if have half of what need items. Ex: I refine item ID 277 and need for refine item: 27992 x20(i check in refine_proto), and in split inventory I have 27992 x10, and it will refine up.. Where have check for count items in refine? in over9refine i cannot found any mistake
  3. hello, I have problem with mount, when I use mount and teleporting in another map, mount print remains in slot but mount disappears. I tried add in special_item_group like this: Group mounts { Vnum 10090 1 71185 1 1 2 71127 1 1 3 71126 1 1 4 71125 1 1 5 71171 1 1 6 71172 1 1 } But it didn`t help.
  4. quest reset_scroll begin state start begin when 71054.use begin local yang = 1000000 local lvl = 50 say_title(" Change empire ") if pc.is_engaged() then say(" You cannot change empire if you are married.[ENTER] ") return end if pc.is_married() then say(" You cannot change your empire if you are married.[ENTER] ") return end if pc.is_polymorphed() then say(" You cannot change empire if you in polymorph.[ENTER] ") return end if pc.has_guild() then say(" You cannot change empire if you are in a guild.[ENTER] ") return end say(
  5. Function pc.change_empure not return 999 for successful change empire. So problem in change empire, some players(some can change empire successful) cannot do it. Quest doesn't give any error, with test I check what quest return "ret" value not 999, and does not fall into the condition. Player info: single(not marriage), no guild, above level 70, 1 character per account Where can be problem?
  6. I tried this fix But doesn't help.. Which yet method have for fix it? Should i add in player->gold unsigned subtype? Not all players have this bug, I don’t know what it is connected with, but for many it doesn’t work, it says “you don’t have enough yang.”, but for some people it work, they can buy from shop npc in negative yang. @VegaS™ @xP3NG3Rx @martysama0134
  7. Hello, I have bug with yang, I can buy item from shop in negative yang, ex: I have 1 yang and item price 1000 yang, I can buy it and in inventory will 0 yang, but in base -999, How can fix it?
  8. Hello, how to remove abs bonus sash, and add standard bonus in sash like def,hp...?
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