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  1. I don't want to open a new topic, does anyone have solution for this problem? I've tried to insert in so many ways one item on item_award and in game it does not show in mall warehouse. I've tried every way possible, looked for it on internet, found some queries, used them, same thing, item does not appear in the mall.. Any idea on how to fix / find the error please? thanks in advance I am dumb indeed.. I was using the account ID instead of account name on "login" column, it's solved for me.
  2. A Possible solution from here:
  3. root > uigameoption.py look for: def __Load(self): Add this at the end of that function: self.UpdateMadaraModel()
  4. Watchout for the bumping timers. Your problem could be in the mount/horse w/e you are riding on. The running animation should have the run animation like this: ScriptType MotionData MotionFileName "D:\ymir work\npc\bunny_mount\run.GR2" MotionDuration 1.066666 Accumulation 0.00 -1004.59 0.00 You can find the right values on the run animation. Open run animation with granny viewer and go to animation tab. There you will find the Duration. Right click and click on view in detail, then click to view substructure, and you will find the accumulation in granny_real32 Loop Translation, it should look like the one above. Hope it fixes the problem.
  5. try to apply the value 1 on your item_proto to the mount you desire
  6. Try this: 52000 mount_name ITEM_COSTUME COSTUME_MOUNT 1 ANTI_STACK NONE NONE NONE 0 0 0 0 0 REAL_TIME_FIRST_USE 259200 LIMIT_NONE 0 APPLY_ATTBONUS_MONSTER 5 APPLY_NONE 0 APPLY_NONE 0 1 52000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 and replace the 52000 with the mob that belongs to the mount
  7. i believe you took it from here maybe @.ZeNu can help you, since there's a dead link in there from him
  8. Summon: [CMountActor::Summon] Failed to summon the mount. (vnum: 0) can you show the line on item_proto (the seal/item)?
  9. What WeedHEx said is right, it's like your map doesn't exist and that specific character ended up in a black hole where you cannot take it out. If you wish to unbug the character go to database and copy coordinates from a character that is fine and paste it on the bugged one
  10. Hi! As the title says, i have a bug where i'm running and attacking at the same time, here's a gif of the bug, i'm running against one npc that's why i'm not moving, but if it was not an npc there i'd go around attacking and moving. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks in advance
  11. Problem solved, as always i tend to fix my own problems after asking here, this one took me a while, but i managed to get it, a lot of search on source files and i found out this lines of code: (file: input_main on: case GUILD_SUBHEADER_CG_ADD_MEMBER:) #ifdef ENABLE_LONCA_NPCYE_ATMA_FIX { if (!ch->IsPC() || !newmember->IsPC()) ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "Lutfen sadece karakterlere istek gonderin.!"); return SubPacketLen; } #endif I believe that this piece of code is kinda wrong, since we are already checking what it needs to be checked, if character that is invited exists and if the character sending the invite exists. I believe that this code is trying to test if both of them are the same person, if this makes sense. Anyways if anyone has this problem it can be a solution.
  12. Hi, as the title says, i'm getting a bug where the guild invite is not showing on the character i want to invite. Here's a quick video of the bug: https://imgur.com/ajcho5b Any help is appreciated. (solution, where the invite is made, where the invite is sent to the invited player and where it is received) I had similiar bug with party invite a few months ago and someone told me that it could be from python part. Thanks in advance EDIT: On debug mode in client shows the packed beeing sent on the client that i'm sending the invite, and the other client (supost to receive the invite) nothing happens
  13. Seems like you either done something wrong or missing a lot of resources
  14. Yeah i noticed after i posted this, that's why i went back to the code and found that, but since it was only from editing for example on " in the includes (delete and write it again) i didnt though it was from the actual code. My bad, Thanks for answer
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