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  1. fixed : i forget to add the new type item in dump_proto source (ITEM_ELEMENTAL )
  2. Hi , i got a small problem with my items, i cant see the bonus in description I change in navicat , item_proto client and server but same problem I get the bonus for ex 2000 hp but i cant see it on the item Do someone know where is the problem? Here is the code Navicat: 55040 test+0 test2+0 35 0 0 1 0 0 0 3000 3000 55041 280 0 10 1 10 0 0 1(hp) 2000(hp value) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 0 0 0 item_proto: 55040 test+0
  3. Hello, today i just add the new pet system to my server, i fix all the stuff but i get stuck here cuz idk what make this error When i sumon the pet in game he vanish after 1 sec Serverside sysser is clean And cliend sysser is : 1201 20:40:42657 :: File "game.py", line 1945, in BINARY_ServerCommand_Run 1201 20:40:42659 :: File "stringCommander.py", line 63, in Run 1201 20:40:42659 :: File "stringCommander.py", line 31, in __call__ 1201 20:40:42659 :: File "stringCommander.py", line 20, in __call__ 1201 20:40:42659 :: File "game.py", line 2002, in SetPetEvolution
  4. hi , i need some help cuz is the first time when i work with dump_proto So idk how to make dump_proto ok for my files, i added all the stuff like COSTUM_HAIR etc , but when i compile item/mob proto , i get this 1129 23:23:14585 :: LoadLocaleData - RegisterSkillDesc(locale/en/mob_proto) Error An solution will be welcome . Ty
  5. nevermind , i just forgot to add that function in input.h ... sorry for this
  6. hi, i just got this err and idk why , if someone can see and help me i will ty you int CInputP2P::BulkWhisperSend(LPDESC d, const char * c_pData, size_t uiBytes) { TPacketGGBulkWhisper * p = (TPacketGGBulkWhisper *)c_pData; if (uiBytes < sizeof(TPacketGGBulkWhisper) + p->lSize) return -1; if (p->lSize < 0) { sys_err("invalid packet length %d", p->lSize); d->SetPhase(PHASE_CLOSE); return -1; } char szBuf[CHAT_MAX_LEN + 1]; strlcpy(szBuf, c_pData + sizeof(TPacketGGBulkWhisper), MIN(p->lSize + 1, sizeof(szBuf))); SendBulkWhisper(szBuf); return (p->
  7. nevermind, i understand now , took me a little time to make it work ty for help man
  8. wndGame = self.interface.wndGame if wndGame: wndGame.BINARY_SetBigMessage('click_print_button') # Function from game.py what do u mean here #Function from game.py i mean i have to put that function in (click_print_button) or i have to edit all row, ty
  9. solved i just move the function from game.py to uiinventory and create a new onupdate def , it work fine now ty
  10. Hello again, im here with a new problem How can i make a function from game.py for ex f5 to be open with a button from uiinventor? i have the button and all set but idk how to link that to the function Ty
  11. Hy guys, is there someone who know how to make this ? i mean the buttons from this inventory https://prnt.sc/jwyljq or if u have a resource from where i can learn Ty for help
  12. I rlly ty you man , it work
  13. i want to open that f5 via a command in chat like /test
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