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  1. Hi ! Thanks for your feedback ! I added the two functions. I did as they took an int as parameter. I will think about how to properly model these objects in Python automatically.
  2. Hi ! Use Python3 with the client can be very interesting.. For use UTF-8 everywhere for example (Unicode...). i tried to do this before, but my client crashed when I created empty tuple... xd if someone want share a client with Python3.. I take it ! I just specify that i updated the code for two errors that were reported to me : Tuple in return; GetWindow() method.
  3. I've already thought about converting the docstrings, but I don't know the sources well enough to comment everything... But when I have some time I will do the docstrings converter. Thanks for the idea ! I will add the method to use venv with Visual Studio Code too. Added.
  4. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Download Here ( GitHub ) Hi ! First: sorry. My code is not clean, I am not a developer or anything, I am just a math student. I am just trying to do my best. And my skills in English are… non-existent. So, be nice please. Using very often PyCharm, I wanted to be able to use it on Metin2, but PyCharm (or another IDE) hit me hard with baseball bat because he could not find the modules. So, I have made this tool to create module’s python skeleton and use autocompletion with IDE. The biggest flaw is t



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