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  1. A great idea with that renovation
  2. hmmm which screenshots do you want ?
  3. welcome back sanii hmm is very cool idea that one let me know when gonna on sell ?
  4. Very nice work like always and he is very nice person
  5. the problem ocurred when you USED something from turkmoo
  6. Solution : there was define DISABLE_STOP_RIDING_WHEN_DIE i just comment // so that solved my problem
  7. There no .core not sysser
  8. Hello devs, i´m sure that anyone can help me please am fighting like from more than 8 hour with this problem Mount system by Zenu i took from here and install it Preview: When i die on mount and the mount is also die but the problem this https://gyazo.com/a01c7c873b446ed28ca8bac84b449cbb The problem : https://gyazo.com/c5973cd9251060cb535b6a17965e9fdd The problem occured when i Revive after char dead i still on mount & the mount also summon nearby me & that mount where u saw me mounting even i can not Unm
  9. Hello guys, I have problem that i took the pet system oficial from my old Source because i want to move all on Marty source now So here is problem i have installed well the pet system and is working till i Summon a pet from egg and leave me a game.core https://gyazo.com/39a89d9e9248c694f5d60759ebc69dc0 And this not even happen on my old Source server is working fine.. thanks
  10. I can pay for the fix PM me
  11. Hello Devs Please can anyone help here my weapon costume 1 handed my server read it as a 2handed please help me https://gyazo.com/5d6ade7ded79d0879491246eca26565a
  12. don`t need bro i already removed it i was thinking that people here help but is only boring people sometimes they don`t have to do something and only reply "SHIT" to posts xd is not about attitude he just reply at this post without provide anything like i was asking for help there is no problem i think replying decent " No we can not provide you help remove it if u got some error we can help you " this i call a help not like that free people only ONline for doing shits xd Please close the topic i already removed it by myself if i get any bugg or anything i wil
  13. i give u a solution for that go and read books so you can improve ur mental health
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