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  1. Hello! My computer suddenly broke a few months ago and I haven't been able to be around here. I'm finally back and getting updated. Any news anyone wants to talk about? How have you guys been going this past few months?
  2. Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it.
  3. I'm not sure if I understood correctly but are you suggesting that they are not able (at least without effort) to do it since it's hard? I assume that if some private servers have unlimited it then it's relatively easy to do so (unless in doing so they created some kind of weird possible exploit or something). I'd like if you'd clarify this idea because I might have gotten it wrong. Thanks in advance. Treated your post as a theory. Definitely makes a lot of sense though. While reading it it occurred to me an idea that (I think) could have been used to prevent this from happening
  4. Hey. Simple question: does anyone know why Won was implemented in Metin2 in the first place? Plus, why is that in the official servers there's still a limit of 2kkk Yang (iirc)? Thanks.
  5. Actually it is disgusting the fact that the forum doesn't have strict rules about bumping. I guess it is exactly like everywhere nowadays: you do shit, you are not punished (and even if you are - the punishment isn't anywhere near as it shoule be). Anyway, here I am, writing a useless comment (plus bumping your thread again!). Rules, man, rules, would you mind checking them? Oh, and please, don't apologize - everybody knows (even though everybody will close their eyes to things like this) that you simply don't give a f. Btw, this comment is about having good sense, it is not personal at all.
  6. Definitely haven't been able to set the server on yet. Frustrating. If anyone could help.
  7. Nice. Idea for an update: maybe add the notification for when someone goes offline?
  8. Hmm thank you for answering. If you do it, take your time, no rushes.
  9. This looks cool, thank you. Btw, would you do one for MOD?
  10. Hey guys. Simple question with a simple solution (I guess even though I don't know how to do it): how to install Clang in localhost - I mean, I don't know which files to download and how/where to install them? Thank you.
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