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  1. Hello devs, I want to make a siege event for my server but the metin2 castle maps suck so we were looking for some better options. I want to ask...is there any 3d modeller who can export the Aden Lineage 2 Castle and make it for Metin2? I want to buy this model for my server. If anyone can do that please contact me for details.
  2. Hello devs, My serverfiles have a max player level of 250 which i like but the mobs in my database stop at level 90 or something like that. What i need is to add some metins of a higher level like 200lvl so players can reach 250 from those metins. So i was thinking i could probably achieve this by using a metin2 of a lower level for example metin2 of devil 55lvl and changing it stats, mob group spawns and exp rates. But in the same time i want to keep the level 55 metin as well. Is something like that possible? I just want to use the 55lvl metin appearance with different stats suitable fo
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