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  1. Hey, would like to update my granny to 2.9 but I've no clue if I'm already using it since my client libs do contain 2.9 libs aswell as the 2.4 ones. Is there some way to check it?
  2. Add a delay to the equipement change after 10 switches, for example if he changed his eq 10 times under 10 seconds then add a 10 sec delay before he's able to change it again. Simplest fix, allowing the eq changer to work at the same time. To not make it seem so obvious and maybe to make it look more professional and as if you've added something new to the server add maybe a chat message "Don't lag the server!" and kick the abuser after 10 failed tries. It's just an idea I'm too stupid to write it myself. But tbh it seems so simple that everyone would be able to do this after study
  3. I'm not sure what happened but everytime I interact with an item it pops up question marks instead of normal words in my chat, whether it be dropping, selling, using, opening, picking up something. I didn't do anything to the client itself, only compiled my game db. Do you know which file is responsible for these chat informations? Or maybe what else could cause this sh1t? I didnt' change anything with my locale, only compiled game and db (maybe there is some line of code that refers to the path of locale and I changed it accidentally?)
  4. I think he means that the grass is too high relative to the players height but I think it looks better with such grass Nice map
  5. I look for someone who's willing to write an pvp event system for me, nothing extremely special, it's basically a mixture of already existing codes with some new/changed stuff paid obviously
  6. how did I miss that I love you man and thanks a lot
  7. Thanks for the answer I'm already familiar with the 3ds max and I'm trying to do something but as I've seen in metin it teleports one immediately on top of an object (bridges) if you try to walk under it, that's why I'm not sure whether it would work or not, but I'll definitely try to do so, thanks. I've got another question: I've done my first (well not first, but the first I'll try to import onto the server) map but I don't know how to set up the "map borders/collisions" (where you can and can't walk), I've heard of metin2 map tool but it's done through painting on a 2d map. So my q
  8. Hey, 1. It it possible to set different water textures on different maps? Like for example link it in the map settings. 2. How do I set up the collisions to be able to walk on, aswell as below the object (for example bridge)?
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