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  1. After last maintenance: Mission level 9 corrected, missing items added [golden shoes +4 and 5x purple potion (g)], and overflow description changed according to real amount yang/xp recived (https://board.ancient2.com/viewtopic.php?p=233&sid=af23cd8bfc83db13e96c302aa6e58353#p233). OX event will support characters to enter to the competition only if you are level 35 or higher. No more 'participate' reward to the ox competition, only after question-by-question and winner rewards will be given. Questions of ox competition changed and updated according to the server gameplay, misspelling and ot
  2. After last maintenance: Missing mobs placed in Devil's Catacombs. Uppgrade rates are same as the official servers, back in 2009 (final state). Experience in Grotto II fixed. DMG for some mobs fixed. Lightning / Fire / Ice and Wind bonuses elemental works now (don't confuse with official stuff, this are the classic unworking bonuses since metin2 opened). Grotto I & Grotto II dmg bug fixed (over power dmg from mobs). ...and much more changes on our discord news/patch-notes channels. Ancient2 been moved to another host, now the lag & kick issues been fixed.
  3. It's not my business with this topic, but, as a past customer of Braxy's services i'm really happy with the work he done for me, i don't get why you guys are fighting? LUA is a free-of-learn language program, same as C++/Python/Java and so on, if he learned from you it's normal that he will use the same structure, as you were his master, then he is free to change whatever he wants to expand his knowledge, also don't forget we're all involved in a ILLEGAL ACTIVITY and the work you're argue with, that's ''your own'' is actually not, you're earning this money from a illegal activity in a met
  4. Changes that comes with version 0.0.3. - Metin stones wrong spawn range changed, so those stones woldn't spawn in the walls or mountains anymore. - Starter pack introduced for old and new account (each 10 levels, starting with first login), that pack will include some items to help newbies and old players with adders/changers/capes/stone decetors/rest skills/ etc, like official does in 2010. - Grotto I and Grotto II with Beran Setaou introduced in game for level 75+ players, along with drop for oldschool mount and pet system (available in game and itemshop). - New evolution
  5. Cupi's has arrived on Ancient2 and it's looking to hit everyone who find in it's journey to Magic Land. The legend says, if Copi's gonna hit you with his magic arrow, all you'll see it's love... love everywhere! Event Cupi's Box (Valentine's Day) 2021 will be active every day and it's valid until 14.02.2021. While killing a series of stones or bosses you can obtain an amazing reward. Jinno, Chunjo or Shinsoo language book, Horse skill book, Cupid's Chest (blue) or Cupid's Chest (pink). or Some items won't be tradeable. Drop at: All bosses starting with Bes
  6. A magical power has arrived between the three kingdoms, we are now opening the power of a much more stable market between the villagers. Take a part of this amazing update and sell your items even if you're offline, you can still open a normal shop using Package. Press ''Y'' or ''Z' to open the window of the new offline shop, it depends of your keyboard type. Features: My Shop ~ Allows you to open a max 8 days offline shop. List of Shops ~ Let you see a list of opened offline shops. Safebox ~ The place where you money from sales goes, or a place where unsold / w
  7. Website: https://ancient2.com Discord: https://discord.gg/NtJXbzu Server start 01.12.2020 at 18:00 EEST. This server is pvm hard classic and it's like metin2.us at the end of 2008. The server presentation it's not in the final state and doesn't represent the final version of the game, presentation realised by exo. Last update: 02.02.2021.
  8. UP, have the same problem here with g++7.
  9. Just posted here in case someone need in one day like me... Open from you db source Main.cpp Search #ifdef __FreeBSD__ _malloc_options = "A"; #endif Replace with #if defined (__FreeBSD__) && !defined (__GNUC__) _malloc_options = "A"; #endif
  10. bump same problem here @MUZI know it's funny cause this topic was from 2016, i found the solution Perhaps my server accept connections from outside of the server with auth exploit, however i have fixed it.
  11. UP I have the same problem here.
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