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  1. UP, have the same problem here with g++7.
  2. Just posted here in case someone need in one day like me... Open from you db source Main.cpp Search #ifdef __FreeBSD__ _malloc_options = "A"; #endif Replace with #if defined (__FreeBSD__) && !defined (__GNUC__) _malloc_options = "A"; #endif
  3. bump same problem here @MUZI know it's funny cause this topic was from 2016, i found the solution Perhaps my server accept connections from outside of the server with auth exploit, however i have fixed it.
  4. Thank you so much, i've been struggling with this bug since 3 months ago, now it's working perfectly!
  5. Could you please let me know exactly what do you need? I don't really understeand where i can find this function: mountSystem->Mount MountSystem.cpp #include "stdafx.h" #include "config.h" #include "utils.h" #include "vector.h" #include "char.h" #include "sectree_manager.h" #include "char_manager.h" #include "mob_manager.h" #include "MountSystem.h" #include "../../common/VnumHelper.h" #include "packet.h" #include "item_manager.h" #include "item.h" EVENTINFO(mountsystem_event_info) { CMountSystem* pMountSystem; }; EVENTFUNC(mountsystem_update_event) { mountsystem_event_info
  6. Make sure after update your client that the version should to be 0.0.3. Offline shop fix: For the moment you can edit your shop without taking off your armor / costume. Other fix / improvements: Now you can acces storage by using item shop storage button in inventory. Global chat / pm normal chat it's working correctly now. The shout chat will display your kingdom (colored). Team shout will be known as Team (yellow colorized) then followed by name. To understeand other kingdoms players you need to read books or wear a Language Ring. * Language Ring or books can be obtai
  7. Here: ACMD(do_ride) { // dev_log(LOG_DEB0, "[DO_RIDE] start"); if (ch->IsDead() || ch->IsStun()) return; if (ch->GetMapIndex() == 113) return; #ifdef ENABLE_MOUNT_COSTUME_SYSTEM if (ch->IsPolymorphed() == true){ ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "Cannot use a mount when you're transformed."); return; } if(ch->GetWear(WEAR_COSTUME_MOUNT)) { CMountSystem* mountSystem = ch->GetMountSystem(); LPITEM mount = ch->GetWear(WEAR_COSTUME_MOUNT); DWORD mobVnum = 0; if (!mountSystem && !mount) return; #ifdef __CHANGELOOK_SYSTEM__
  8. Bug fix: Teleportation ring fixes No more unlimited Next pages Level protection for high level maps to avoid accidental teleportation No more negative count if you just closed a shop and didn't wait 10 seconds Cannot be stored, dropable, stackable, tradeable Bonus Defence against blackouts (imune bonus) it's working now in duel and aganist monster aswell If you have Khan in inventory/deposit, only the activated one elapses Drop fix regarding the Ebony Bracelt and secondary books Common drop fixed Client crash fix Level update in real time fix Visual bug regarding shop
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