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  1. Last changes: 1) The fisherman was slightly improved, he received a little protection against the famous fishboot hack. 2) The bug in the DT for the keys has been fixed ... from now on you can do the DT because there will be no more problems. 3) In v3, the dmg of the 10k mobiles has been fixed, they now have normal dmg. 4) Map1 (blue, red, yellow) have been slightly arranged, from now on you will find the alchemist near the general store. 5) The energy system was implemented, including the one for making energy fragments. You can find it at the alchemist. 6) When you login for the first time (available for already created characters also), you will get a new mission 'Free Mount', go to Stable Boy and talk with him; 7) A new mount been implemented, available for 14 days. 8 ) Guild comment have now a new layer of protection anti flood. 9) Green/Purple potion can be used now 1 then if you click them a message will display - cannot use until the effect it's done also to avoid accidentally clicks. 10) Clam been removed from Fisherman. 11) Quest loading time is more faster now. 12) From now, all killed mobs will dissapear after 2 seconds to avoid lag while farm or leveling up.
  2. I was 100% sure about it, I think also there are exploits for vote, some server are getting crazy after few hours and that's impossible if you compare the number of players online on that server and numbers counted for vote
  3. Portuguese (PT) and Portuguese (BR) language available in client side also.
  4. Just change like this // if internal ip exists, p2p socket uses internal ip, if not use public ip if ((p2p_socket = socket_tcp_bind(*g_szInternalIP ? g_szInternalIP : g_szPublicIP, p2p_port)) == INVALID_SOCKET) //if ((p2p_socket = socket_tcp_bind(g_szPublicIP, p2p_port)) == INVALID_SOCKET) i know it's older answer but perhaps some users will need this even is written above.
  5. Last changes: Ice Witch been replaced with Mighty Ice Witch in Grotto of Exile. Mighty Ice Witch drop limit set to level 75+ instead of 80+. Now you can destroy a item in drop dialogue. You can now obtain Blood Stone by killing Reaper (or itemshop).
  6. Hello Ancients! You have the possibility to win 300 / 200 or 100 Dragon Coins in this GIVEAWAY ending on 31.05.2020! All you have to do is reply to this (link) topic with a number in ascendig order than the user above you (example 1, 2, 3, etc.), the winner will be choosen by www.random.org at the ending of the giveaway. After randomize, the Dragon Coins will be given by this rule: First number extracted: 300 Dragon Coins. Second number extracted: 200 Dragon Coins. Third number extracted: 100 Dragon Coins. Best of luck!
  7. Hello, Today i have implemented Powered Mount System. To make a mount you will need: Lion Certificate. Tiger Certificate. Wild Boar Certificate. Wolf Certificate. For mount evolution: Scroll of Evolution. Scroll of Mutation. [Q]Where do i obtain Certificate or Scroll from? There are three type of mount: Young Seal. Wild Seal. Valiant Seal. How is it works? Get a Certificate and go to Stableboy (Get a mount with certificate.), he will give you a option to choose a bonus (Strong aganist monsters, Experience, Vitality (PV), Defence (DEX) or Power of attack, after you will choose a bonus you will recive Young Seal (mount I valid for 7 days, cannot attack) and the Certificate will be removed. With a Scroll of Evolution and Young Seal go to Stableboy (put the Seal on him) to upgrade your mount to level II - 14 days, bonus increased and can attack, Scroll of Evolution and Young Seal will be removed and you'll recive Wild Seal. With a Scroll of Mutation and Wild Seal go to Stableboy (put the Seal on him) to upgrade your mount to level III - 30 days, bonus increased and can attack, Scroll of Mutation and Wild Seal will be removed and you'll recive Valiant Seal. This event is active for 2 hours, i will make a event calendar and publish it soon to stay updated with the event time and day/date. Enjoy!
  8. Hi, Today i have worked with a developer for implement New Offline Shop System, players can open maximum two offline shops / character. A player can open maximum two offline shops / character. You can edit price/add/remove items from offline shop. You can withdraw your earned Yang after sale of objects from offline shop. You can edit the time of offline shop, also can edit the name of the shop. After seen a player's offline shop, the color will change - easy when you searching on them. You can close a offline shop and withdraw unsolded objects and reamaining yang after sale (if applicable). Offline Shop can be opened in any kingdom. This system was purchased from donations and i have to thank you all for supporting this community and it's contigous developing. Also i have a good news for all of you, Change Channel is also available from today! The server will be under maintenance for about 15 minutes due New Offline Shop feature update. If you have any problem/suggestion/question about this system please contact me or open a new topic on forum. All the best!
  9. Last Changes: - This main quests has been removed (lvl 90, lvl 91, lvl 92, lvl 93, lvl 94, lvl 95, lvl 96, lvl 97, lvl 98). - All main quests has been fixed. - Spirit Stone has been fixed, you can upgrade your skills now from G1 to P. - Deamon Tower regen fixed at floor 4.
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