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  1. Is there any way to read monsters faster? and And you know how to fix the animation bug if you use a purple potion or Feather Walk etc - https://gyazo.com/e346ba547e6902c3b70d1f8a542e320e
  2. Hello, I have got a problem. if I have a big one movement speed on mount = warp back Someone of you have any idea of that? Thanks in advance,
  3. Hi, I am search for a gaya system, won and button Thank you in advance <3
  4. Hi, someone will give you a link to Mounts like Horse
  5. Hi, someone will give you a link to the LeNnT sash system.
  6. Hi, someone will help with this error item_manager.cpp: In member function 'void ITEM_MANAGER::GetChestItemList(DWORD, std::vector<SChestDropInfoTable, std::allocator<SChestDropInfoTable> >&)': item_manager.cpp:1799: error: 'const class CSpecialItemGroup' has no member named 'GetGroupSize'
  7. Hi metin2dev, search maps1 Jinno/Shinsoo. You have beautiful Maps pls add post and link
  8. Hi someone will give me a link to wikipedia drop Thanks.
  9. Hello, I am looking for wikipedia drop in a game such as on ss. Could someone help me.
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