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  1. Hello metin2dev community,i have a problem with great offline shop and i don't know how to solve this problem. I pay if needed. Best regards.
  2. Hi, I have a problem with the server He kicks me out of the client Unknown packet header: 125, last: 45 81 Maybe someone wants to look a little over files Packet.h binary [Hidden Content] packet.h server [Hidden Content]
  3. Hello, I have a whispering problem. interfacemodule [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] 1208 20:45:29841 :: File "ui.py", line 1039, in OnPressEscapeKey 1208 20:45:29841 :: File "ui.py", line 88, in __call__ 1208 20:45:29841 :: File "ui.py", line 70, in __call__ 1208 20:45:29841 :: File "uiWhisper.py", line 251, in Minimize 1208 20:45:29841 :: File "interfaceModule.py", line 2101, in MinimizeWhisperDialog 1208 20:45:29842 :: AttributeError 1208 20:45:29842 :: : 1208 20:45:29842 :: 'Interface' object has no attribute '_Interface__MakeWhisperButton'
  4. Hello, I can not start the server, I have this error when giving sh start.sh 1. I changed my mysql password 2. We have deleted the .pid and .err files from the mysql folder [email protected]:~ # cd /usr/home/game [email protected]:/usr/home/game # sh start.sh 1 - (1) Initiare CH1 2 - (2) Initiare CH1 si CH2 3 - (3) Initiare CH1 , CH2 si CH3 4 - (4) Initiare CH1 , CH2 , CH3 si CH4 5 - (5) Nu doresc sa fac nimic 1 Initiez Baza de Date .. Real Server Log Offmysql_real_connect: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (2) failed, retrying in 5 seconds
  5. Sorry,but i do not know English well. Well, let's start with the beginning. Well, that's all, okay, I've compiled the source and after I shut it down virtual, today when I came home, I said to go in and change another one, said and done, when I compile the source, the virtual starts, but I can not connect to the putty / winscp gives me the error above. I must state that: 1. I installed the latest version of the virtualbox 2. I did the sysinstall again 3. I installed hammachi again 4. I downloaded freebsd 9.2 again [Hidden Content]
  6. After the changed [Hidden Content] InstanceBase.cpp full
  7. I do not understand what you mean
  8. And you can not help me with anything ?
  9. I do not understand what you mean Tutorial temple ochao [Hidden Content] Instancebase.cpp [Hidden Content] Did not i put it right ?

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