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  1. Did the quest folder leaked too? Can someone give me a link? Edit: And/or locale? I mean mob_drop_item.txt for example I totally missed that leak.
  2. Okey i took a look to that system and it's working totally different way than the original, if you manage to not attach to the body, that will be just visual thing, so that not attached effect will not damage surround mobs, still your body will damage mobs. also that skill_proto fix maybe fix the damage but bugs the movement speed duration. If you fix the movement speed duration the effect will be bugged and reapper (without dmg, just visual) Ah very poor system, uninstalling cause i think to make it work like original, it would be a whole rewrite.
  3. Sorry to off but could you solve the damage bug of that system?
  4. I guess that switchbot only looking for the switchers in your normal inventory. As i remember there's a for cycle in most switchbot what loops through INVENTORY_MAX_NUM. You should edit or extend that for the new storage. I'm not a python guru so don't think i can extend that switchbot for you, but if you don't attach that switchbot and that storage system (at least py) no one can do it for you.
  5. I know it's a pretty old topic...but still relevant if someone want to build from scratch from Kraizy.tgz with clean extern, and i have a question. With the original Extern and makefiles, the db 75% smaller!!! and the game about 30% smaller. I do not bother myself with little size difference because it can be for many reasons... but this is huge. Does it contains "something"?
  6. ITEM_ANTIFLAG_ENCHANT is Ymir's works or yours? Good idea btw Edit: #include <random> needs newer compiler/c++ version right?
  7. I just extracted the kraizy.tgz in a VM and checked every MakePack.exe one by one. They seems all clean however novaline/Srcs/Tools/bin/test_d.exe dev/Srcs/Tools/bin/test_d.exe either have a false pos or a Sality. Better to delete it if someone have it in their workspace. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @masodikbela Maybe but they're without source. Or which one do you think?
  8. I did not wanted to use someone's modified source so i picked the kraizy.tgz. But i think everyone who using the "9.2 vm with source" what relesed here have it too.
  9. locate PackMaker.exe <-- will list to the terminal where they're all. I did not downloaded any to my desktop just deleted in the server so i can't tell which is the bad. Maybe i'll extract kraizy.tgz in a VM and i'll check them all in virustotal.com when i will have some time. @masodikbela you should release your packmaker here since m2h closed, that's a great work and really usable archiver with source available
  10. Where is it? I want to delete it but could not find. @masodikbela do your packmaker what you relesed to m2h includes that malicious code? Or just the "precompiled" original exe in the tgz infected? Btw i see you updated it last week o_O
  11. Yes i tried. Actually when the ds drop is not 0, so eg 1 or 100 or maxvalue of eventflag, the mob drops gems, but very very rarely. (I keep have to keep spam /e 101 25 /pull for 10mins lol to drop 1 gem) 1 and 100 is the same i'm sure, nothing changes. Something defenitly wrong...
  12. I'm struggling with the dragon soul (untouched, original) if drop_gamble_with_flag("ds_drop") then game.drop_item_with_ownership(30270, 1, 300) end function drop_gamble_with_flag(drop_flag) local dp, range = pc.get_killee_drop_pct() dp = 40000 * dp / game.get_event_flag(drop_flag) if dp < 0 or range < 0 then return false end return dp >= number(1, range) end When i type /e ds_drop 0 (or when ds_drop doesnt exist cause it's 0 then) every single mob drop one gem. When i type
  13. While translate.lua contains the strings of the npc_talk.quest, the quest itself is almost empty, it have only 2 shop opening "when". Can somebody give me a correct gameforge npc_talk.quest please?
  14. Ah then it's only bad for me. I spoiled something then in the source Thanks for your explanation
  15. So a friend of mine said that the horse missions (horse_levelup.quest) are bugged in the official gf quest too. state training2 begin when letter begin q.set_counter(gameforge.horse_levelup._training_2_count, 5-pc.getqf("kill_count")) end when 494.kill begin pc.setqf("kill_count", pc.getqf("kill_count")+1) q.set_counter(gameforge.horse_levelup._training_2_count, 5-pc.getqf("kill_count")) end when enter begin pc.setqf("kill_count", 0) end when leave begin q.done()
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