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  1. I know from crashes many crashes happened to my server so shut up I help 4 free I don't like getting money and where's your problem?Just do your work and stop acting like a b*tch. Ty:)
  2. I could help 4 free:d This happened to my server
  3. I just got a new binary online and this is an error I get .. any way to be solved? afxres.h not found:s I was thinking to delete but maybe it wont be okay..
  4. I think its fixed but I cant build source for a reason there are some errors cant fix;3
  5. When im chaning my client app title name through source and open it its been detectable as a hack..what should i do ? H E L P
  6. then how I will acess player,common etc LOL
  7. Hey, I change app title from SOURCE but when I change and open the client I get this error:close this app:(nameofclient.)exe and client close.. any help? also this happen when I rename it by right click and rename...any help?
  8. Any hosting site out of europe?
  9. does anyone know how to bypass MySQL password? like MySQL -u root -p
  10. http://prntscr.com/kqijik what I do?help
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