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  1. And i have seen some weird stuff
  2. If you are willing to put work into,As hachiwari said original item table is better,You could make another window for duel items and go from there.
  3. MrQuin

    map (Jinno)

    Dude! The "15" is a joke between the two of us.
  4. MrQuin

    map (Jinno)

    I give you 15 for this!
  5. MrQuin

    [SMALL] City Map

    Great work!
  6. https://github.com/Nirray/Main-Metin2-Dynamic-Item-Drop-List-Window
  7. What's wrong with being Romanian. Imagine being someone like you!
  8. His original one had no problem, TF are you talking about xD
  9. tf is anyone using an autoclicker for xD And you got that multiple stats add(lclick+ctrl) from what i can see in your preview
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