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  1. Try this one: https://github.com/blackdragonx61/Metin2-Store-Affects
  2. Can you upload the patch you are using so i can test it .
  3. Random User part4: Can you share the base so we can use the fix? Answer: Yes
  4. upload your uiCharacter.py
  5. void CInstanceBase::SHORSE::Create(const TPixelPosition& c_rkPPos, UINT eRace, UINT eHitEffect) SetAlphaValue Maybe,Try and see.
  6. Use : |Eemoji/anti_drop|e from local_game.txt , like localeInfo.ITEM_ANTIFLAG_DROP ITEM_ANTIFLAG_DROP |Eemoji/anti_drop|e
  7. If you can't solve this try disabling AUTO CLOSE for the shop so the player himself should close it.(bit dumb solution)
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