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  1. Yeah right! Dead code with your domain name,Nice one. Next time please add porn sites to it.
  2. This crap in almost half of their servers they do it intentionally,I wonder why!
  3. Try using another python27.dll from another client.
  4. Easy around solution would be to add a new currency that is not used ingame just to use it for viewing the item and call it [Viewing item]
  5. Attach ui12zi.py here .
  6. Just delete the LeftRightReverse from ui12zi.py , Considering you don't have it .
  7. It might work you say ?!!
  8. It feels like i saw this map before in one of iAce's videos when he was making tutorials
  9. MrQuin


    I sent you a pm. Try that fix and tell me if it is correct so ican post it again in a comment.(Lazy right now)
  10. I know this guy from other communities and he doesn't understand a dime,Each time you fix one of his problems he'll post another one,And never even tries to use his brain(doubt he has one).
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