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  1. So you did some reverse engineering to find the problem then you searched for the fix in google
  2. Did you add char_cards.cpp to Makefile?
  3. You wanted multiple chest open(checked)with gui (checked) , And this one allows you even see what's in it(you can disable that with some modifications) ?
  4. I am pretty sure uiCube.py has contentScrollbar not scrollBar as in the pics .
  5. Already released u ZeNu. Check his github(Chest view drop): https://github.com/ZeNu-Elijah/Metin2
  6. Try fixing it by deleting the fix ? https://prnt.sc/tzpio3
  7. You can easily get it from any client that contains it.
  8. Weird question : What Packer are you using ?
  9. Try using another python27.dll from another client.
  10. MrQuin

    3d shard.work

    Amazing work
  11. Easy around solution would be to add a new currency that is not used ingame just to use it for viewing the item and call it [Viewing item]?
  12. Attach ui12zi.py here .
  13. Just delete the LeftRightReverse from ui12zi.py , Considering you don't have it .
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