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  1. It might work you say ?!!
  2. It feels like i saw this map before in one of iAce's videos when he was making tutorials
  3. MrQuin


    I sent you a pm. Try that fix and tell me if it is correct so ican post it again in a comment.(Lazy right now)
  4. I know this guy from other communities and he doesn't understand a dime,Each time you fix one of his problems he'll post another one,And never even tries to use his brain(doubt he has one).
  5. You know there an edit history here xD @ASIKOO
  6. And yes it is a problem,I don't know the solution , Idk the solution but try this: Check in char.cpp in void CHARACTER::ComputePoints for SetPart,Also for CHARACTER::GetOriginalPart(BYTE bPartPos)
  7. Is this an English forum thought ?
  8. Post the fix so people would know in future !Don't be selfish
  9. MrQuin

    Meme - Thread

    @arves100 PS:I am the real one!
  10. So you want to add an effect to an effect xD
  11. Have you ever heard about mega/mediafire/googledrive ?
  12. Can you upload your locale_game.txt
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