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  1. https://github.com/Nirray/Main-Metin2-Dynamic-Item-Drop-List-Window
  2. What's wrong with being Romanian. Imagine being someone like you!
  3. His original one had no problem, TF are you talking about xD
  4. tf is anyone using an autoclicker for xD And you got that multiple stats add(lclick+ctrl) from what i can see in your preview
  5. "I give it away for free, I don't ask for money like others do for a function." This is some funny shit. Also any idiot whom can understand english can make this "amazing system you shared with us".
  6. At one point i thought the forum is going to an end,But once you guys took over it became more and more active and you've done a great job regarding that,I appreciate all you've done so far!
  7. The changes are on many other files,not just these ones. And this topic is an example: https://metin2.dev/board/topic/8968-extend-stack-items/
  8. Works even better with the _offlineshop
  9. https://mega.nz/file/IV12zZ4S#HKvYnl2vgEzZtNonlB5XPPFtioiNzmonArSe6LIMpOQ @ASIKOO
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