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  1. Hi, thanks for the release, but you don't need any extra function, you just need to select the change look vnum. item.SelectItem(changelookVnum) valu3 = item.GetValue(3) # Set selected item as the old one because it's used later in other conditions item.SelectItem(oldItemVnum) So, the code should looks like: elif itemSubType == item.COSTUME_TYPE_HAIR: if self.__ItemGetRace() == player.GetRace(): value3 = item.GetValue(3) if app.ENABLE_CHANGE_LOOK_SYSTEM and getChangelookVnum: item.SelectItem(getChangelookVnum) value3 = item.GetValue(3) self.__ModelPreview(value3, 1, player.GetRace()) item.SelectItem(itemVnum)
  2. This topic is in continuous development! For any reports, bits of advice, contact me via PM. Hello! As you have probably seen in the previous days we cleaned the Guides & How-To category and moved most of the topics that belong to Programming & Scripts / Systems and others. Meanwhile, I checked the content of over 1000 topics manually and I found a drama in a topic like: some people praised themselves with some fixes that don't belong to them, but they were posted in m2dev years ago and were lost in the indexation. After I finished with the sorting, I talked with the rest of the staff about that and @ασικοοcame with an idea, doing a summary thread. Of course, doing something like this manually would take weeks and so much research. With all of this, an idea came to my mind, to do a smart Python tool that analyzing everything through the metin2dev database and develop a strong algorithm that can find and building HTML code for different tags with their own settings. Challenge accepted, and this is the result after some days of working on the tool. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  3. Based on what martysama said in his reply, these are the changes you've to do: InstanceBase.h // Search for: typedef std::list<SEffectDamage> CommandDamageQueue; // Replace with: typedef std::queue<SEffectDamage> CommandDamageQueue; InstanceBaseEffect.cpp // Search for: m_DamageQueue.push_back(sDamage); // Replace with: m_DamageQueue.push(sDamage); if (m_DamageQueue.size() > 20) m_DamageQueue.pop(); // Search for: m_DamageQueue.pop_front(); // Replace with: m_DamageQueue.pop(); Exclamation: I'm not responsible for this solution.
  4. You are right, I helped some people with this problem in PM but I forgot to edit the topic. Update: For those who know what they're doing, I did a small script that doing this faster, otherwise, use the manual method from the first post. [Hidden Content]
  5. @ReFresh I have joined in many computers of players/owners during the last years, and trust me, I saw just a few people who're using 'small taskbar buttons'. Mainly, just the owners are using it since they have a lot of apps, but a player who's just a normal gamer, won't put all the games/apps he is playing/using to the taskbar for having it full, maybe just if he has a laptop with a small resolution, maximum. The badges on the taskbar buttons aren't available in the small taskbar mode, it's Microsoft logic and it's a good one. Otherwise, would be a mess since in this mode all of the icons are scaled and they losing quality, if they would add a small badge there, it would look so bad. Even on apps like Skype, Messenger is not working which it's directly for chatting and it's much more important a badge count of messages. I'm sure that for metin2 wouldn't be a drama for hundreds of players if hundreds of millions don't make it for real chatting apps. Take a look on an example of my screen 5120x1440, how it would look with the small taskbar buttons and a badge, both of them scaled, you really can't see it and I've glasses , you would need Magnifier Zoom to see it. So I think it's enough how it is right now: You still get a flash notification (flashing until you open it) when you have the small taskbar buttons enabled, you don't need anything more. Related to other activities, if you read the last line which I wrote in the first reply, then you will understand, so let's wait for that. Thanks for your feedback.
  6. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) [hide][Hidden Content]] Posted in 2020, but it was removed due to a rollback in the forum, now it's back. Hello girls, I think it's my first time when I release a system/feature directly for servers, until now I provided just scripts/functions for 'developers', let's see how it works. 1. Compatibility Most of you know that for applying a badge to the parent icon we need to have the application ungrouped. So, basically for this, we need to use Win32 API -> SetCurrentProcessExplicitAppUserModelID, which must be called during the application's initial startup routine, before presents any UI, basically in the initialization of singleton class would be fine. Before doing the ungroup of the taskbar, we've to check the operating system version, since many players in metin2 still using XP/Vista and this feature is working since Windows 7+. So there's a function called IsWindowsCompatibleVersion which check if the version is at least Windows7 then trying to do the ungroup and if successful then set a variable m_isWindowsCompatible to true, so we can check later other functions with it, that means the feature will be totally disabled for those who aren't compatible. 2. Cache features When the application is created it's loading all resources and creates only one object on the local system for the taskbar interface. 3. Features Show badges on the taskbar (ON/OFF) Flash notification + badge Counted flashes, using small taskbar icons + badge option 4. Activity Mini version: Paid version: If you find any problem, write me a PM or use the 'issues' category on GitHub, let's don't spam the topic with useless messages and keep it clean. If you implement it, attach a gif to the topic, and if many people use it, maybe I update the repository with other activities for free.
  7. Available for sale! For more information: https://www.vegas-projects.com/product/chat-settings/ Related to selling, it's a limited sale, contact me here!
  8. The official chat settings system is now released! 
    The description and the video are in progress.


  9. I forgot the ui.py part, I updated the first reply, check it now.
  10. Doesn't have relevance, just add it where you want in that file, following the code syntax from other functions. As an example, instead of searching for wndMgrIsDisableCoverButton, search for wndMgrHideSlotBaseImage and HideSlotBaseImage. I updated the first post, check it.
  11. [Hidden Content] Do not ask for any help if you are using leaks, we will not help you, it's forbidden, you must contact the owner of the system, source, serverfile...
  12. The bug is caused by self.RefreshQuickSlot() which is called in OnUpdate() at each 0.5 seconds. It also affects the emotion slots, not just the skills. Inside of RefreshQuickSlot is the following snippet: elif player.SLOT_TYPE_SKILL == Type: [...] slot.SetCoverButton(slotNumber) elif player.SLOT_TYPE_EMOTION == Type: [...] slot.SetCoverButton(slotNumber) That part of the code resets the cover button for each slot and resets the up/over/down states. How-To-Fix: root/uiTaskBar.py # Search for: (x2 times) slot.SetCoverButton(slotNumber) # Replace it with: if not slot.HasCoverButton(slotNumber): slot.SetCoverButton(slotNumber) root/ui.py # Search for: def EnableCoverButton(self, slotIndex): wndMgr.EnableCoverButton(self.hWnd, slotIndex) # Add after: def HasCoverButton(self, slot_index): return wndMgr.HasCoverButton(self.hWnd, slot_index) Src/Client/EterPythonLib/PythonSlotWindow.h // Search for: void HideSlotBaseImage(DWORD dwIndex); // Add after: bool HasCoverButton(const DWORD slot_index) { TSlot * slot; if (!GetSlotPointer(slot_index, &slot)) return false; return slot->pCoverButton != nullptr; } Src/Client/EterPythonLib/PythonWindowManagerModule.cpp // Search for: PyObject * wndMgrHideSlotBaseImage(PyObject * poSelf, PyObject * poArgs) { [...] } // Add after: PyObject* wndMgrHasCoverButton(PyObject*, PyObject* poArgs) { UI::CWindow* window; PyTuple_GetWindow(poArgs, 0, &window); int slot_index; PyTuple_GetInteger(poArgs, 1, &slot_index); auto* const slot = dynamic_cast<UI::CSlotWindow*>(window); return Py_BuildValue("b", slot->HasCoverButton(slot_index)); } // Search for: { "HideSlotBaseImage", wndMgrHideSlotBaseImage, METH_VARARGS }, // Add after: { "HasCoverButton", wndMgrHasCoverButton, METH_VARARGS },
  13. Official Chat Settings System Available in a few days! https://www.vegas-projects.com/product/chat-settings/ Follow this topic for better notifications - Click here!
  14. @[email protected], this system is fully leaked from Aeldra source, the author is @masodikbela. There were many people who sold the system in different forms/designs, so they made the code much worse. We don't support leaks here, topic closed.

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