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  1. That's right, I want to see your reaction when your players of a private server, saying the same thing about your staff when the server it's down because of your provider and they've no idea what's behind of it. And guess what? You'll get insults also, because they pay you with tens of thousands of euros. So, do you think your reply it's right in this case with metin2dev? When you just open the forum and download resources? I don't think so. This staff bought the forum when it was dead and paying a lot for it from their pocket and they will not get that amount of money ev
  2. I didn't took it personal, I explained everything nicely. The thing with "typical metin2 developers", was general, not for you and it's because in the last period I saw a bunch of people who said they rewrote things and in reality they just added "auto" on everything and that's all, 2020 style.. but c++11 it's available since 9 years. But seems you got it wrong.
  3. I would understand if you really posted a "2020 style" after 3 years (released in 2017) ... but you did it worst than actually is, if you think a std::array and std::find it's better than a switch for 6 values which are static, that's really wrong. Also you're redeclaring the std::aray variable each time when the function it's called, that's not 2020 anymore. Basically if you really want something called "2020", this is: static const std::set<std::uint8_t> ignoreSkillSet = {SKILL_HOSIN, SKILL_REFLECT, SKILL_GICHEON, SKILL_JEONGEOP, SKILL_KWAESOK, SKILL_JEUNGRYEOK}; i
  4. As the title says, here's how you can synchronize your skill_table from client with skill_proto from server. [1]. First of all we've to rewrite the enum part of tokens (which is used in CPythonSkill::RegisterSkillTable), that means we change the order of index-tab-line with a new order, because ymir didn't used all columns. In that way we keep the file much cleaner and just with necessary columns (9 columns instead of 27). Srcs/Client/UserInterface/PythonSkill.h Search for the next enum: Replace it with: Srcs/Client/UserInterface/Locale_Inc.h [2]
  5. Sanctions:

    • banned 12 months
    • order to stay away (domestic authority)


    • reselling other works


  6. VegaS™


    @Owsap Other known accounts: Sanctions: banned 12 months order to stay away (domestic authority) Reasons: reselling other works Adding stolen systems/leaked into your source and sell it later with no rights from the authors, it's called resell too, that's for everyone who is doing this, doesn't have any relevance if you put all together and sell just the 'source' or you sell them separately. Also taking a leaked system (made by others) and use over xx% of the structure and sell it later, it's called resell too.
  7. The poll has closed now, 56 members have voted. Yes, 43 votes (75.44%) No, 14 votes (24.56%) I will start from now to review all of the topics from that section and remove the ones which doesn't fulfill the conditions. Edit: The following sections were reviewed: Scripts / Systems (Coding & finished Systems) Models (3D works) Designs (Completed Designs or contract work (2D work)) Others (Hosting, Maps, Tools...) If you've something to tell about those actions, send me a PM. But first, read the content
  8. Hi! After a long discussion with the whole staff, we decided to make some changes in the Service&Sales section. That's because in the last years we met a lot of resellers/scammers here in the forum. What we can do at the moment as a fast solution, is to make some changes in our rules. In that way, we will keep the quality instead of quantity, right now we've over 130 topics in this section and over 50% are not active. Most of the users who opened a service until now were like this: account created in 2014, 10 posts account created in 2014, 3
  9. I sent him the code to PM some months ago for test, he said would be nice if I post here too, so here's: GameLib/PythonPlayerInput.cpp Search for: void CPythonPlayer::__SetAutoAttackTargetActorID(DWORD dwVID) { m_dwAutoAttackTargetVID = dwVID; } Replace it with: [hide] void CPythonPlayer::__SetAutoAttackTargetActorID(DWORD dwVID) { #if defined(ENABLE_BLOCK_AUTO_ATTACK_DUEL) if (dwVID) { static auto& rkChrMgr = CPythonCharacterManager::Instance(); const auto& pkInstMain = NEW_GetMainActorPtr(); const auto& pkInstVictim = rkChrMgr.GetInstancePtr(dw
  10. @PACI @arves100 @martysama0134
  11. VegaS™


    @Itachi Other known accounts: @Meruem @Tyrael @Luis Carrizales Sanction: banned indefinitely order to stay away (domestic authority) Reasons: reselling scamming multi-account Be careful, he did a lot of exchanges with leaked source/systems for his purposes, then he sell them later as "[DEV]Itachi" on multiple forums, he doesn't have enough courage to do it on metin2dev because he knew that I'm watching him. ?
  12. a, b, c = 1, 2, 3 a, b, c = (1, 2, 3) (a, b, c) = 1, 2, 3 (a, b, c) = (1, 2, 3) All of the methods are doing same. isActivated = 0 != metinSocket[0] usedAmount = int(metinSocket[1]) totalAmount = int(metinSocket[2]) # examples isActivated, usedAmount, totalAmount = map(int, metinSocket[:3]) isActivated, usedAmount, totalAmount = metinSocket[:3] isActivated, usedAmount, totalAmount = metinSocket[0], metinSocket[1], metinSocket[2] isActivated, usedAmount, totalAmount = metinSocket I choosed metinSocket[:3], for being sure that's reading just the first three items from the list, becau
  13. I didn't tested your code, but how you implemented this it's bad because you called multiple times ActivateSlot and DeactivateSlot for no reason (before your code already there're other conditions that are called), so you create small visual bugs for a millisecond. So, you could include it in the default code like this: Search for: Replace with: Also you should say that the function ActivateSlot by default doesn't have those features. Meme for the math method:
  14. I'm sure that you saw my graphic mask from some years ago. Here you can hide the 'terrain', 'object', 'cloud', 'water', 'tree', and you can disable the effects and more too if you take a look inside of GameLib. That feature class allows you to hide specific effects, tree, bulding by property crc or name (not done yet). You''ll need also: https://github.com/Vegas007/Metin2-Graphic-Mask-Control I'll not make a full how-to right now, just take a look, implement the class, call it and do some changes as you want, you've more than the basic idea. ? graphi
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