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  1. Replace: (default function) void CPetActor::SetName(const char* name) { std::string petName = m_pkOwner->GetName(); if (0 != m_pkOwner && 0 == name && 0 != m_pkOwner->GetName()) { petName += "'s Pet"; } else petName += name; if (true == IsSummoned()) m_pkChar->SetName(petName); m_name = petName; } With: void CPetActor::SetName(const char* name) { if (!m_pkOwner || !m_pkChar) return; char petName[CHARACTER_NAME_MAX_LEN * 2 + 1]; snprintf(petName, sizeof(petName), "%s - %s", m_pkOwner->GetName(), m_pkChar->GetName()); if (IsSummon
  2. Using touch file.cpp it's updating the file timestamp, you don't have to delete .o and .d files from .obj directory, it's useless. https://www.freebsd.org/cgi/man.cgi?query=touch
  3. def __init__(self): [...] self.toolTip = uiToolTip.ToolTip() self.toolTip.Hide() self.__Initialize() [...] def __Initialize(self): [...] self.toolTip = None [...] You declared the tooltip variable in the __init__ method, then you set it as None in __Initialize method. You should remove the second declaration, line 110. Also, you've to replace the Close method with this: def Close(self): if self.toolTipSkill: self.toolTipSkill.Hide() if self.toolTip: self.toolTip.Hide() self.Hide()
  4. Thanks for the release, but this is a totally bad solution and useless code. Already there's a function that checking if the application is active or not in CMSWindow class. The variable m_isActive is set when WM_ACTIVATEAPP it's called, basically when a window belonging to a different application than the active window is about to be activated. If you read a little bit the documentation of Win32 Api, you can find those. WA_ACTIVE Activated by some method other than a mouse click (for example, by a call to the SetActiveWindow function or by use of the keyboard inter
  5. C++ #include "PythonChat.h" #include "PythonPlayer.h" char buf[512 + 1]; _snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), "Hello, %s!", CPythonPlayer::Instance().GetName()); CPythonChat::Instance().AppendChat(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, buf); Python: import chat import player chat.AppendChat(chat.CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "Hello, {}.".format(player.GetName())) Keep in mind that's a local message, will be visible just for your instance. If you want to send a message through the server that everyone can see it, you've to use this way: #include "PythonChat.h" #include "PythonPlayer.h" #include "PythonNetworkStream.
  6. Update implementation of the TODO tasks (exec/apply/raise, [...]) added the pip environment added a library used for encoding detection of the python script files Thanks to @ServerCommandParser for contributions.
  7. @Syreldar @Braxy We could solve this problem in a private discussion with both of you much faster without any troubles, but here we are. After we analyzed the evidence, seems that Braxy used two functions in some quests 1/1 made by Syreldar. Those functions were public posted by Syreldar in the community, the only thing that making a real problem in this situation, is that Braxy didn't mention the author/link of those two functions, that's not called quality for the m2dev marketplace. So, the staff's decision is that @Braxy will be restricted in the Marketplace - Service s
  8. Hello, there're many topics like this, you should use the search button. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=how+to+create+a+metin2+private+server
  9. You should have cared about what you're talking. In your case, you had no background in 7 years, no reputation, no posts, so we can't trust you. We won't change the rules just because 5 persons who were refused in the service section don't like them, when 50 persons voted for them. Just try to do some activity and we'll analyze it + depending on your content, you'll be able to do it. That's all, but if you don't like 'big efforts', then we can't promote your services here.
  10. That's right, it's totally not worth the effort. You're a member on m2dev for 7 years, you've not even one post in Releases or helping other people in Q&A, you just searched for help, resources, and 'up, push' to your service topic, nothing more. Metin2Dev is not a marketplace, as @ASIKOOsaid, has to be a win-win. Also, I wouldn't talk about your content of those services here, since it's another subject. I know it's easy to blame the rules and the person who implemented them instead of fulfilling them, since people just want fast incomes and no "effort'. Th
  11. Why would a customer choose us to secure the transaction? Your ideas, suggestions? That idea with a middleman in metin2 forums came from communities where everyone has access to sell something, even random members with accounts created minutes ago, where there're no filters. The customer should build a relationship with the seller for getting good support in the future. Doesn't have any relevance who will be scammed, the customer himself or the middleman, he'll be banned anyway if there's proof, which takes few seconds to do it, since we've already a special category that
  12. Duplicate case value, it's exactly what the error says. You've already defined other cases with the same values, for fixing it, edit the values from the enumeration declaration, you can find them in common/tables.h.
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