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  1. Kamol

    Gameforge sucks

    What do you think will GF close all servers?
  2. I can buy Contact : PM
  3. affect.h: // 1) Search: AFFECT_CUBE_12, // 2) After make a new line and paste: ALIGNMENT_BONUS_1, ALIGNMENT_BONUS_2, Code for use: #ifdef __ALIGNMENT_BONUS__ if (GetRealAlignment() == NAME_ALIGNMENT_1) { AddAffect(ALIGNMENT_BONUS_1, POINT_MAX_HP, VALUE_BONUS_ALIGNMENT_1, 0, ALIGNMENT_TIME, 0, true); } if (GetRealAlignment() == NAME_ALIGNMENT_2) { AddAffect(ALIGNMENT_BONUS_2, POINT_MAX_HP, VALUE_BONUS_ALIGNMENT_2, 0, ALIGNMENT_TIME, 0, true); } #endif service.h: #define __ALIGNMENT_BONUS__ #define NAME_ALIGNMENT_1 100000 #define NAME_ALIGNMENT_2 200000 #define ALIGNMENT_TIME (60*60*24*365) #define VALUE_BONUS_ALIGNMENT_1 1000 #define VALUE_BONUS_ALIGNMENT_2 2000 You can add code execution in input_login.cpp -> EnterGame Someone has a show of bonuses in uicharacter.py?
  4. You have link to unpack server GF?
  5. Hi search armors patch 15.7 Thanks
  6. Hi, question Transmutation is better than Shang or LeNnt? Thanks.
  7. Kamol

    Fast refine

    Hello, Is this system free? Is someone like that, and how I can buy it with a paid one
  8. Kamol

    System Won

    Hi, someone has a link to the system won.
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