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  1. Kamol

    Gameforge sucks

    What do you think will GF close all servers?
  2. affect.h: // 1) Search: AFFECT_CUBE_12, // 2) After make a new line and paste: ALIGNMENT_BONUS_1, ALIGNMENT_BONUS_2, Code for use: #ifdef __ALIGNMENT_BONUS__ if (GetRealAlignment() == NAME_ALIGNMENT_1) { AddAffect(ALIGNMENT_BONUS_1, POINT_MAX_HP, VALUE_BONUS_ALIGNMENT_1, 0, ALIGNMENT_TIME, 0, true); } if (GetRealAlignment() == NAME_ALIGNMENT_2) { AddAffect(ALIGNMENT_BONUS_2, POINT_MAX_HP, VALUE_BONUS_ALIGNMENT_2, 0, ALIGNMENT_TIME, 0, true); } #endif service.h: #define __ALIGNMENT_BONUS__ #define NAM
  3. You have link to unpack server GF?
  4. Hi search armors patch 15.7 Thanks
  5. How to fix this system to be a message ENVANTER_ANAH_LAZIM You need %d more keys https://gyazo.com/9b31a938baf32ac1a4acd8204f0c8965
  6. Does anyone know what's going on. What should I import char_item.cpp:1826: error: 'class CItem' has no member named 'GetNewAttributeType' char_item.cpp:1826: error: 'class CItem' has no member named 'GetNewAttributeValue'
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