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  1. I have the same problem with the costume mount + pet remains after teleport system, only when I'm mounted the bonus is doubled, I'd appreciate if someone could resolve it.
  2. hello I'm looking for a bugfixed special storage to purchase! I am able to pay with paypal. Send me ur skype or discord if u have one in PM.
  3. Hello! I'd like to ask if anyone has a solution for fixing refine ores like diamond, heaven's tear etc. The problem is that these items has been set to unstackable in client and server side itemproto both, but they can be still stacked, and if you stack them and teleport then the item number in your inventory will be reduced to 1. So you'll lose all items you've stacked. Thanks.
  4. The thing is that if I unequip the item normally then this bug not happens. It only happens when i replace the items without unequipp manually.
  5. Hello! I'd like to ask for, help. My problem is that when I equip an item with replace like an earring with 12 STR to a 14 INT one, then in the stat panel it negates my status twice. If I unequip the item and equip it normally then this bug doesn't happen. it only happens when I replace the item instantly with left click without unequipping. Its only an appearance bug but its annoying so much. I'd like to ask that in which file I should look for a solution. It's not a python error for sure. THanks GIF : https://gyazo.com/ab37f004bf205bc98a669d46c11ba6ae
  6. Also looking for this, ready to pay.
  7. Hello! I have a problem with the Demon Tower blacksmithes. When I do the run in solo I can upgrade the item once and it works all well without resources for refine. But when I join the run as a group, none of us can do the one-time free refine because it says "You've already got your rewards" Where should I fix that error? Thanks.
  8. Hello. I would like to ask that how it's possible to give more than one bonus for mounts, I'd like to give at least 3 bonuses to them. Thanks.
  9. Because I would like to make the item splitted into two different items.
  10. Hello. I'm looking for a solution on keeping attached aquastones in an item when I upgrade it in the cube. For example, I upgrade my 4/5 opt battlesword+9 to triton sword+0, the opts are transferred correctly, but the aquastones are dissapearing from my item. Thanks.
  11. Anyone can help in how to show mobs health in numbers? Like 5.500/5.500 Thanks.
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