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  1. WE START AGAIN 28 DECEMBER !! +TOP 3 AWARDS !! PS. Unfortunately, the awards are low, but we hope that it will not put you off. You can be TOP 1/2/3 without buying items for money! Each person who starts the game on the server will receive server bonuses for 7 days! When server will start will on the server christmas event PRESENTATION: https://bit.ly/presentationMT2 SERVER TRAILER: https://youtu.be/YGz6NrGVanA WWW: https://tanaria.pl/ FORUM/BOARD: https://forum.tanaria.pl/
  2. The Server START: 22.12.2018 TIME: 4:00 PM (CET)Turkey : 6:00 PM / 18:00 (GMT+2)Romania : 5:00 PM / 17:00 (GMT+1)Greece : 5:00 PM / 17:00 (GMT+1)Portugal : 3:00 PM / 15:00 (GMT-1)Brazil : 2:00 PM / 14:00 (GMT-2)Russia : 6:00 PM / 18:00 (GMT+3)China : 11:00 PM / 23:00 (GMT+8)Middle East : 5:00 PM / 17:00 (EET)(GMT+1) - (GMT+2) LINKS: WWW: https://tanariamt2.com Forum: https://forum.tanaria.pl Wikipedia: https://wiki.tanaria.pl Facebook: https://facebook.com/tanariaprivmt2 Grupa FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tanariapriv Instagram: https://instagram.com/metin2_tanaria Youtub
  3. We are looking for Youtubers and streamers from around the world!We are looking for people in these languages:- English- Italian- Hungarian- French- German- Turkish- Czech- Spanish- Polish- Greek- Romanian- Russian- Arabic- Chinese- Portugueseemail to contact : [email protected] MEDIUMMAX 130 LVLSTART IN DECEMBERHttps://tanariamt2.comHttps://facebook.com/tanariaprivmt2
  4. Game Master: Türkiye: Recruitment closed 中國: Open recruitment France: Recruitment closed Deutschland: Open recruitment Ελλάδα: Recruitment closed Italia: Recruitment closed Magyarország: Open recruitment Česká republika: Open recruitment الشرق الأوسط: Recruitment closed Portugal: Open recruitment Россия: Recruitment closed România: Recruitment closed España: Open recruitment Moderator Forum: Türkiye: Recruitment closed Polska: Recruitment closed 中國: Open recruitment France: Open recruitment
  5. Hello, We are looking for a new project for people who can help us. We create an International server with over 10 languages. You can read the server description here: We are looking for: Translators, Administrators, Moderators, TouTubers, Marketers. You can submit the application on our forum (You must know English) : FORUM CLICK FANPAGE FB : https://www.facebook.com/tanariaprivmt2 Best Regards Administrations
  6. English Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/tanariaprivmt2/ Our server will at the end of 2018
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