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  1. I have bug with slots in dragon soul... I can only drop and wear them. I cant move them, trade and i can change pos only when i unwear them look at GIF GIF -
  2. it depends what you mean because the whole thing is hard to say. No no, creating this is a long job in preparing models in a different format and metin style.
  3. Why do you think so? It will be soon, you will see! We will inform you about the progress (videos and posts on board)
  4. Yes yes but with additional graphic modifications
  5. yes and now I create something like metin3 in a big simplification
  6. The presented city / map is only completed in 20%! The game design is based on the metin2 game (unofficial continuation). In the next movie we will show you a short game and character animations. The game project is created in Polish, English, German, Romanian and Turkish. watch in 1080P quality! Here are some screenshots from the game: In the next movie we will show you a short game and character animations.
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