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  1. Is there any way how to get .txt proto (names.txt and proto.txt) back to SQL w/ querrys ?
  2. case 71051 & 71052 wouldnt work,i can see it already from here.But can you give me contact on your friend with fliege files?(I am from svk aswell btw)
  3. Hey guys. Fliege files have big problem with 6/7 bonus, seems like they are in game (case 71051,71052 is there) but they arent in item_proto.I have item_proto.txt in server throught WinSCP but I just cant get them to work. Someone mentioned something about ProtoReader.cpp not working well.2 lines from item_proto.txt (70151. and 70152) are the ones,if some1 can send me their item_proto.txt just with these 2 lines (WORKING) i would be grateful. And if you have protoReader.cpp that is working with ur 6/7 bonus please send it here aswell. If you know fix let me know. Thanks!
  4. So i downloaded them and put vdi file into Virtualbox,then logged with root/pass and then nothing happens.I guess i have to join it into some kind of IP so i can join into IP with FIlezilla and client later on,right ?Cause i saw a lots of vids already and with Daroo files Virtualbox asked you for IP literally after you logged into Virtualboox root.Can you help me via skype or something ? Im making stupid little mistakes that can be explained in 1 sentence. Btw. i had problem with this.Do you think i need realtek family controller or i can use the mentioned one ? Thanks! //edit
  5. Im sorry but im really confused from this...I installed VMware workstation pro as you mentioned,and i donwloaded Fliege files as some guy mentioned they are awesome source for beginner.But looking at your tutorial,what is that ?And why are there 2 DL links in description ? Do i get it like you burn source into freebsd ? I really dont know how to start with whole MT2 Server thing...
  6. Care to explain ? And how to set it up ? Im newbie.
  7. Hey guys. I saw a lot of people on youtube using realtek pcie gbe family controller as bridged adapter in virtualbox.I get it thats its probably the best,but my PC only has Qualcomm Atheros one(look picture) I tried installing realtek family controller but when i do it its just missing.I guess its probably because i have no more space for another network adapter,right ? Anyway i wanted to know if I have to have the one from realtek or i can use the one i have(Qualcomm Atheros).If installed realtek family controller aswell but its missing in network adapters. + If an
  8. Learning C++ is something i wanted to do before,so im glad to hear that.So now i have to found source for metin2 server & client? Like this ? Ofc i want something with source cuz without source you cant add new things into games,right ? (I dont mean items or armor/weapons type of sh*t) Is this the ideal file to start with ? And is it still best choice to go with 40k files ? Cuz there is this guy with 71k. *Sorry for my dumb questions lol.
  9. Hey,because most of SFs are outdated and 90% of links are removed i want to start from the bottom,with 40k SF (idk which one is better,40250 or 40424 or 40267,is there anyone who can tell the difference?)but without lycan.I need clean 40k without lycan and there are many people asking for source binary code or smthng like that which i dont understand.(Cuz from YT tutorials i just saw people downloading 8gb vdi files which are probably already compiled MT2 Server files,right ?) So i just wanted after spending hours looking for good tutorial in english. - Which SF is best to sta
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