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  1. You have to keep your mind clear and think cold because Metin2Legend lets go to the heat! Beginning with 06.07.2019, the fun way goes through the summer event! During the event all monsters will drop Cups of Ice Cream as an alternative drop. Collect Ice Cream Cubes to cool off after crunching and change them to Seon-Hae to get Ice Cream Cornets that will give you 10% Movement Speed, 10% Experience and + 5% damage damage. 3x Ice Cream Cakes can be transformed into a Crystal Bowl where you can find valuable items. Beautiful dress for warm days: Feel
  2. Today on 26.04.2019 the following updates were made: 1) I have increased the number of shells in the Golden Balls from 1 in 4. 2) We lowered the price of JD items in the itemshop a little. 3) We added the 6th polling site as requested. 4) The FORUM button appears on the site only after logging in. 5) We made the negotiable pluses and we increased their drop rate very little in the hexagon cushions. 6) Because many wanted to get frizzy in the game, the drop of clear moon cups / soccer balls / eternal winter / paste eggs / etc I added the FRENCH CROSS. At the next drop events you
  3. Dear players, we have the honor to announce the coming of our second Easter event on our server. It will begin on 20 April and will end 10 days later on April 30. About organizing the event: - Throughout the event, each map will be spawned with 3 egg metines at an hour, they will surely drop a basket of pasta eggs. In addition, the chief monsters and metin stones have the chance to drop a paste egg. - From April 26th to April 29th, at 20:00 for 3 hours, all monsters of the kingdom have the chance to drop the Easter Eggs. - Throughout the event you can try your luck at the Destiny Wheel
  4. In this update, the server has been optimized for a more enjoyable gameplay. We have also optimized multilanguage Characters have been optimized in 90% Added a new system on the server mob and drop info stones The dew-bug was repaired Has been dropped drop rate to objects (only required)
  5. ? Maximum level: 99 ?️ Type: Old-School (2008) ? Gameplay: Classic & Hard ? Site: http://metin2legend.org/ ? Online sience: 01.03.2018 ?? Rates: 10% L / V / D 25% (On Friday evening at 00:00, the 25% rate is activated)
  6. Hello, today i want to prezent our server PVM HARD INTERNATIONAL [RO/ENG] Gameplay: 2008-2009 (75% like the official one) Site index: CLICK FOR REDIRECT Site 1 Ro: CLICK FOR REDIRECT Site 2 ENG: CLICK FOR REDIRECT Server rate 1: 10% during the week Server rate 2: 25% during the wekeend and begins friday evening at 12 o'clock Soon Server 2 Opening ! Edit
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