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  1. Hello, where should i look to make the potions infinite, like i use a potion and their count remains the same?
  2. Also those weapons, even tho they have attack value, they also have Attack value %, which adds a percent of the players attack, that`s what i`m talking about, 4 more bonuses besides attack value/magic value
  3. Thank you, the problem is DSS/FKS is fixed, for the first one let s say 13%, so i value1,2,3,4,5 for attack and magic attack add applytype0 = attack speed, applytype1= Attack %+; applytype2= 13% DSS but there s no place for crtikal chance. If i add -1 to addon type won’t it have random dss? also, as i see on wiki they aren t random
  4. Hello, i want to block adding enchants on a set of weapons. Also is there a way to add 4 more bonuses besides attack and magic attack? I’m looking to make this weapon: http://wiki.metin2.ro/index.php/Urgia_lui_Durendal
  5. Still nothing, thanks for trying!
  6. Hello, i`m trying to add "Attack +%", like adds x% from your current attack value, bonus which is on these weapons on the official server : http://wiki.metin2.ro/index.php/Urgia_lui_Durendal How can i fint the applyValue or the bonus name for item_proto.txt for it?
  7. Thanks again! In my case it`s also 210, but let`s say i try to put mov speed like : affect.add_collect(apply.MOV_SPEED, 15, 60) it will work, but if i use it`s id ( 200 ) affect.add_collect(200, 15, 60) it will not work. Also in database if i stun with the command will show bType = 210. Maybe there`s something wrong on my side of server, and i`ll deal with it using movement speed and attack speed, thanks a lot for your time helping me!
  8. Thank you for answering, unfortunately the quest doesn`t do anything with that affect, applying another affect works, tried even (210, 1, 2) still nothing. I want to stun them even with anti stun bonus on their shield. Thanks! Edit: if i try to do it using affect.add_collect(apply.MOV_SPEED, -10000, 5) affect.add_collect(apply.ATT_SPEED, -10000, 5) The player has to mount/unmount for the effect to be gone even after 5 sec.
  9. Hello i want when people use a certain item to get stunned, like from the command /stun, or maybe to kill the player, how can i do that from a quest?
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