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  1. This member have a bad feedback in other forums. Caution pls. Cumpz.
  2. Hello, its possible remove automatic bonus in new itens? Like, i pick One sword and She have 15% vs animal (example) and i want remove this randomly bônus
  3. Sorry for double post: Solution: Search: def SetPetskill(self, slot, idx, lv): if int(lv) > 0: self.petmini.SetSkill(slot, idx, lv) Change: def SetPetskill(self, slot, idx, lv): self.petmini.SetSkill(slot, idx, lv)
  4. if u work in char archives: if (GetName() == "") if u work in others archives, first import char.h if (ch->GetName() == "xxx")
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