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  1. First, If you consider me a dev for doing this simple shit, that's one thing, because i never said I was a dev, its just a hobby. Second, I didnt look for the code, but yes for design, and the design isnt the system. Btw, if u write in google images: "Special Storage Metin2" you go found the design, It is generalist, cool and simple, and i copy then. I'm talking about Vegas on present, I didn't make this system right now either. ("Some time ago, i finish...") Of course I got an idea of other bases, to improve it, but i didnt see problem on that, can u explain?
  2. Off Topic: First, I dont know if this system is published on the internet because I didnt even look for it, liked the idea and did it, but what is your problem? Vegas, for example, has most of his systems published on the internet, and not stops selling them (at least they continue on their website). By your logic, send him a message telling him to stop try to sell what he did because he's already public. - - - Up.
  3. Hello, Some time ago i finish Special Storage system, and today I'm here to sell it. If u are interested send me PM here.
  4. Jesus man, stop being noob. Thanks
  5. This member have a bad feedback in other forums. Caution pls. Cumpz.
  6. Hello, its possible remove automatic bonus in new itens? Like, i pick One sword and She have 15% vs animal (example) and i want remove this randomly bônus
  7. Sorry for double post: Solution: Search: def SetPetskill(self, slot, idx, lv): if int(lv) > 0: self.petmini.SetSkill(slot, idx, lv) Change: def SetPetskill(self, slot, idx, lv): self.petmini.SetSkill(slot, idx, lv)
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