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  1. hah I had formerly it added but over it I added another system that collided. I already know why it did not work ;d but it works after changing the place
  2. when I give the item through trade and put the icon to the caretaker, the server crashes. Does anyone have a fix for it? it's a standard bug
  3. I still have the same, this file is spam all the time .... nothing helps but thanks for help
  4. when I delete it it does not compile. when I delete the whole function it compiles but still spam
  5. hello has someone patch with naked characters to metin2? every topic has expired
  6. hello do you know anyone how to remove it? I know that in root, I tried it myself but throws out the client. Please, it's important what to delete
  7. I fixed it with one line in one file, the tutorials you gave me and the crap that did not work. But I fixed I'm happy
  8. I try this but not always work. despite adding the item id, was still bug.
  9. Hello, I am looking for a repair of this bug. I found topics from 2016 but all closed. thank you in advance for help if anyone can help it's about re-entering the game and clicking quickly after which the effect is double
  10. does anyone know how to change my nickname in client? are there any mods that change nicknames or something? Only to see me at home
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