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  1. I don't know how deep is this possible, but I have this problem on pc with c2d series q6xxx... With newest cpu is all okey.. So he too solved problems with update.. I think doesn't exist one manual for all..
  2. Cunoo


    This is sad true.. I see maybe 5 days ago gf itemshop. 80 coins voucher on 50 coins WTF??? 299 coins 3+1 bonus add pack!!!!!!! I can rlly fuck gayforge and I dont never play any game distributed by Gameforge.
  3. Cunoo


    Money, money, money.. Fuck gameforge.. No one normally game.. Only vampire lobby.. RIP metin.. I think this is a end of story.. If I can something say, so stop play official servers and visible say STOP gameforge in EU! Gameforge never make in history something good for players!!! Just a Germany, peace.
  4. That's maybe bad.. We have problem clean earth.. How we can clean universe?????? So I think before we can know clean we don't have right make mess.
  5. So I think too much hostings don't want use friendly configurations.. Question is what I need for metin server? And answer is easy.. Ram, connection, hdd and cpu.. Last request is good price.. I think good connection, sorry but 1gbps is standard with more than 8gb ram and no needed 8-16core but strong 1core cpu is basic machine.. Problem is too many hostings have in offer 8+ core cpu but with low frequency.. We dont need 10000 low cores, but 4+ strong.. With high ram and connect.. HDD idk.. It's depend.. But I need 512gb max.. I have backup step by 24h and remove it after 7d.. (last backup) Edit: btw. I forgot.. Use friendly install.. Why I must install only 64bit bsd with set version or something like this?!! Give me console and I can install what I want from ftp^^ welcome freedom.
  6. So VS automatically touch you with updates.. But you need oldest update.. Because I think Mali make this source and never more update it for newest vs updates.. (if you install vs just new clean install.. You dont have oldest updates, because microsoft cant/dont know include old packages) You can solve this with build log.. Read messages and install missing package.. I dont remember this, because I dont have this project and I only look into Mali knows too many months ago but I remember, I have same problem with actualization of vs.. This is not hard and if I remember sure package you nedeed is something 1.4.2 idk I'm not 100% sure, but this is 100% easy solve it. If you want some help send me PM, because I can't help more if I dont have more informations and I flly don't want download project for help us..
  7. You can comment some lines in client source.. Open UserInterface/locale_inc.h Second problém post here error log from vs.. But I think you need only update studio.. I'm not 100% sure but if I remember you need v142 toolset + some updates..
  8. Why no one read first post??? This is free project made from Mali updated kraizy source and Sanchez client. So this is just clean leaked source from 2014! Only updated for bugs.. There is not Lycan, new updates, anything else.. Only base game from 2014 with some updates for code,, studio, compiler, bugs, leaks.. Translated for much languages. Btw. Marty is strong edited source with some stuff and is not free.
  9. Version on this forum yes.. Open InstanceBase and check it!
  10. Questlua.cpp ch->PointChange(POINT_STAT, ((MINMAX(1, newLevel, 250) - ch->GetLevel()) * 3) + ch->GetPoint(POINT_LEVEL_STEP)); Char.cpp if (GetLevel() < 251) PointChange(POINT_STAT, 1); // Yes 251 because you must set +1 of your max lv
  11. One think.. You can make only 255lv because you are limited with BYTE.. If you want more high level, you must change BYTE to INT.. Tutorial is too on this forum I think by Mali.. And last little think.. Change get status points after 90lv.. Because you get original only under 90lv..
  12. Default function stop it running emote... (official code) So this is same fix about ymir... You don't make more than true, false... I think you can more, but this is not badest code.. If you can't make memory leak you are right.. Not the best but right..
  13. Read first topic... Current EN client by Sanchez.. Updated sources by Mali (kraizy.tgz so mainline or mainline_released, I think mainline-released) you can check more informations in all topics on this forum.
  14. COSTUME_TYPE_WEAPON.. So idk if someone help you, if you don't know whitch version you using.. Just reinstall your costume weapon with requirement version.. Sanii don't work with old costume weapon without value3.. What is hard understanding this? I'm 100% sure you don't have value3 costume weapon system..
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