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  1. Run - exceptions.NameError:global name 'False' is not defined
  2. Can i compile server source code in freebsd 11.2 ? i mean i know its possible, but what i need for this ? i now compile in 9.2 but i dont want it
  3. Hello all, anyone know how to create new blessing scroll with succes rate % and + restrictions? I want blessing scroll only +6 to +7 (specially) with 10% more succes rate then blacksmith or normal blessing scroll.. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I just saw weird phenomena in the sky. Maybe 50+ lights looks like star.. But I used google and these lights are satellite starlink.. What do you think about this? And how will it change our lives? We do you think we'll have an artificial sky?
  5. quest test begin state start begin when login begin set_state(information) end end state information begin when letter begin send_letter("Test") end when button or info begin if pc.get_skill_group() == 1 and pc.get_job() == 0 or pc.get_job() == 4 then say_title("Test") say("") say("You are a warrior body. (man/woman)") say("") clear_letter() else say_title("Test") say("") say("You are not a warrior body. (man/woman)") say("") clear_letter() end end end end if not pc.get_skill_group() == 1 and pc.get_job() == 0 or pc.get_j
  6. Do anyone know how to download new patcher from running patcher? Just I have packaged patcher with binary (enigma) and I cant overwrite running patcher.. I have idea.. Just patcher download new patcher in .zip and after download just close, unpack and run new patcher. Any help?
  7. I dont have resolution but... This is not for "lang" options in item_proto? Like first or second original line in column? Idk where or how is definition in source for this function if exist, but I know it is in item_proto (original) definition just "clear" column for lang.. Im interesting with this problem but if I have this column with id (1?) in item_proto I dont have this problem.. But if I delete this column (just logically why, hh) I get this error in game (I mean after use /i cmd but Im not sure...)
  8. This is not metin, this is like MOBA games.. I mean metin is only one.. Metin have good engine and just only visual upgrades have chance be metin, be playable like game whats we like. Metin is good game but modelers suck..
  9. You can go in game or only in char select?
  10. UP Anyone know? I mean problem is model but idk if ymir solved this problem in another patch..
  11. Hi guys, I have little problem with warrior hair_2_1.. Here is screenshot: https://ctrlv.cz/D13U Granny is 2.11 and I never had this problem.. Syserr is clean.. I try extract this model from other clients but looks all time piece of shit like screenshot.. Same in granny viewer.. Anyone has this problem? This model is rlly trash work.. But where is problem?
  12. Where is old metin if anyone need this system.. So lazy one more click for more fun.. ?
  13. Hi, Does anyone idea how to create socket in shield, helm and boots just like stones (armor/weapon) or jewels (necklace, earrings, bracelet) ? Edit: Solved by yourself! - https://ctrlv.cz/4q8C
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