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  1. @Tatsumaru Please more thematic models I like it!
  2. So.. Maybe this help too many peoples.. Here is my tutorial.. How to create your own .vdi (virtual disk image) with latest freebsd. 1. Now you must download freebsd from official website. https://download.freebsd.org/ftp/releases/i386/i386/ISO-IMAGES/12.2/FreeBSD-12.2-RELEASE-i386-bootonly.iso You can download bootonly. Why? Because you download only what u need from ftp in running instalation. 2. You need virtualbox.. Too you can download it from official website. https://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/6.1.18/VirtualBox-6.1.18-142142-Win.exe So! Now we
  3. wrong path or item_proto
  4. Client Source > PythonPlayerModule Search : PyModule_AddIntConstant(poModule, "POINT_MALL_ATTBONUS", POINT_MALL_ATTBONUS); Add under : PyModule_AddIntConstant(poModule, "POINT_ATT_BONUS", POINT_ATT_BONUS); root > uiaffectshower.py Search : MALL_DESC_IDX_START+player.POINT_MALL_ATTBONUS : (localeInfo.TOOLTIP_MALL_ATTBONUS_STATIC, "icon/item/71028.tga",), Change: MALL_DESC_IDX_START+player.POINT_ATT_BONUS : (localeInfo.TOOLTIP_MALL_ATTBONUS_STATIC, "icon/item/71028.tga",),
  5. Thanks for this info Already use clang.. So my src is changed to clang.
  6. Question is not how to rewrite src on x64 but how to compile on x64 without jail.. Why? Just I travelling too much and I have only x64 vps.. (because low cost and low vps servers are not too much custom) And where is my problem? Try to change all time working on new pc with virtualbox and some stuff.. I need go to on server from anyway in world.. I cant permanent download vdi or install new.. This is just easy way for me.. I only want NAT cloud server for my files + compile source.. Edit: Btw. Its a experiment just I welcome new knowledges about metin..
  7. Yes all internal libs are recompiled with x64 same as cryptopp and all other needed stuff.. + little changes in source..
  8. Hello all, I have a problem with compile source under 64bit freebsd.. I have all extern installed from repo but my source giving me error on end of compilation like a "incompatible libs like libthecore, mysqlclient" so I change flag in makefile "-m32" to "-m64" this works like a charm.. But I have problem in game with packets.. Trying google and I search solution.. Problem is with long packets.. I have 2 possible solutions.. Change packets on server or client.. My question is.. What specifically I must change? And how correctly? Thanks for help!
  9. Code in source is original untouched.. Only item_proto is changed.. One change is range for arrows with used value1-value2 for magic attack and value3-value4 for melee attack + addon_type - 1.. Now I have this strange problem.. I dont know if is problem with addon_type or values in src.. Too late I test more option.. Just I want arrows like - Wooden Arrow Attack 10-20 and not Attack 10.. (Just add range like weapons) and add addon_type (-1)..
  10. Ahhhhh maybe is problem if I have in proto set value1-2 and value3-4? Because my game calculate dmg from arrows for all weapons.. + I have average bonus in arrrows (addon_type - 1).. Do you know how I can fix it? I can add new value in code for range.. But how can I fix average dmg? If I understand right, value3 is for magic attack and value4 for melee attack?
  11. Hi all, I have a problem in game with arrows.. If I have equiped dagger or sword + arrows, just I have more dmg than without equiped arrows.. How I can change calculation dmg from equiped arrows work only with equiped bow?
  12. One thing.. Why this fuc**** string with _new..? Just simply replace is better or easy for code and managment save in new folder like this input xx. gr2 drag on. exe and output folder/xx.gr2... Btw. For other.. You can ctrl+c 1, 3, 4 and ctrl+v
  13. This spam is normal.. Because you have set public ip instadead.. You can comment this syserr log in src.. This is not problem.. Your friend can login if you have set your public ip in src and client? Only you are kicked? Interesting problem.. You are too kicked if you use internal ip? Just you can use internal ip if you are in same network.. (in client) and your friend just public ip.. Source is okey... You can send me PM I can try help you.. Edit: btw. do you have fixed start core with 192.168? + 10.xxx?
  14. I known you since the days of the old UW and Lothira2 and every your map is getting better and better .. I like it
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