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  1. Decimal HP system. Search and install it.
  2. I just saw your question, and...I've created a small csharp app in minutes to do the trick: I immediately edit my post with the link to the application, just finish it a bit. And the download link is: https://www.mediafire.com/file/p9e0qs1t5enl98l/Raffael_py_color_changer.exe/file Virus total if needed :https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/10bfb4811fbcd1a05c65789a3997db1a2122634205cb7dc6ecc4645c2212028c/detection
  3. Did you also added into root/npc_list, the new location for that NPC?
  4. Your "gold" and "shop_buy_price" have the same value?
  5. That's bcs it loads belt's expand button. Comment that and you're done.
  6. Then, you can add a local like ...idk "local chance = number(1, 100)"-> if chance <= yournumber then pc.give_item2(youritem). This is only an example, you have to properly add to your quest. Best regards.
  7. Try this(it's your quest, with minor changes ) Pay atention to that little comment into the quest. Best regards.
  8. Did you try to modify anytime the quest? If so, in whitch text editor?
  9. Yes of course there are fixes. And why do you search commands like that one in bin source? You can find that in game source/cmd.cpp & cmd_general.cpp. Best regards.
  10. 3DSMAX + remove logo + rig again. Or, the easy way: pay one of this comunity modeler to do that for you. Best regards.
  11. I already give you a tip on another forum... Anyway, Search for WEAPON_FAN case into your instancebase.cpp(where you defined the .mde based effects/weapons) and rewrite it as follows: case CItemData::WEAPON_FAN: if (m_kHorse.IsMounting()) { // add a left_condition & define in header(instancebase.h) the left_effect whatever_you_defined_the_effect = EFFECT_REFINED + YOUR_EFFECT; whatever_you_defined_the_effect_left = EFFECT_REFINED + YOUR_EFFECT_LEFT; } else { whatever_you_defined_the_effect = EFFECT_REFINED + YOUR_
  12. What? What do you mean by removing from GrannyViewer?
  13. What do you mean by that? You want to put only the path to the file, or the whole file? But you can do that. Eg. /public_html/patch/client/any folder you want (without writing that full path as url_path to your source code, in Globals.cs, but adding the folder/folders in patchlist) Best of luck
  14. Even if you use q.done() in your quest? I mean: quest test begin state start begin when 1231.chat."test" with pc.getqf("test") == 0 begin pc.setqf("test",1) q.done() end end end
  15. Make me understand: you want to put that effect for all of your weapons? Because if not, you should define the effect based on weapon vnum in case(the most easy way).
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