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  1. And that`s the answer why ch11 gets kicked sometimes?
  2. That`s my test account. I was playing normally and I got kicked few times, it wasn`t often but still it was. What`s wrong with him?
  3. Hello I noticed that my ch11 gets kicked sometimes. I don`t have any errors in syserr`s so I debugged game.core and this is how it looks. Can You help me guys please?
  4. Hello, I was adding sash system, after i have added source to my bin i tried to compile it but I got strange errors. Before changes i copied files that i was editing and even after swapping them i got the same errors while compiling. Now im stuck with everything, can anyone take a look at it and help me please? @edit: I got hell of the warnings as well. Why it`s the same when i`m changing to files which were not edited? @edit: I solved the problem but i have now like 200 warnings, is it gonna affect my gamy in any way?
  5. Everything seems to be ok in dump proto
  6. Unfortunately it did not help, this is my code from the file here. if item.ITEM_TYPE_WEAPON == itemType: self.__AppendLimitInformation() self.AppendSpace(5) if item.WEAPON_FAN == itemSubType: self.__AppendMagicAttackInfo() self.__AppendAttackPowerInfo() else: self.__AppendAttackPowerInfo() self.__AppendMagicAttackInfo() self.__AppendAffectInformation() self.__AppendAttributeInformation(attrSlot) self.AppendWearableInformation() if app.ENABLE_NEW_ARROW_SYSTEM: if itemSubType != item.WEAPON_UNLIMITED_ARROW: self.__AppendMetinSlotInfo
  7. Hello, I have a little problem with quiver system. Everything is working fine exept one thing, when I put the item time in navi I get a slot on quiver with gally ( I`m putting limitvalue0: 7 ). Do You have any siggestions how to solve this problem? Cheers Picture with problem
  8. Did You solve you`r numer 2 problem ??
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