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  1. It's published since yesterday, in about every forum but this..
  2. Patch 18.2: https://mega.nz/#!smJGkaYI!gvxayN0f-UY87fNXYKuPU4eENY0BVYlUMkMF6s2hP0M Includes: effect icon locale_de metin2_patch_catchking metin2_patch_common metin2_patch_costume_soccer metin2_patch_dawnmist_dungeon metin2_patch_mundi metin2_patch_ramadan_costume metin2_patch_weapon_summer_2018 metin2_patch_worldcup2018 root uiscript
  3. Since I have got a few requests: __________ OfficialClient_07042018_DE.rar https://mega.nz/#!QbZSQbqQ!2pVvuDOuKQBaZs8z_tkcfpARE37kLTSakdGpcL3HV7k Extracted: 07/04/2018 (DD/MM/YYYY) This archive should include the complete Metin2.DE Client
  4. Thanks for the information nodelar is empty. (1kb) If still sth. is missing, just tell me the eterpack File Info: by Samagon ________ Extracted: 06/04/2018 (DD/MM/YYYY) Included patches: metin2_patch_common metin2_patch_etc_costume1 metin2_patch_etc metin2_patch_horse_sound metin2_patch_luck_sound https://mega.nz/#!0Hpx3IqS!cHGm6fd9boae711uECBEuq06gABF5viEwSpYJUDh_vg
  5. Well I dont know which eterPacks where modified by the last official patches. I extracted some of them. 18.1 should be completly included (only the crypted parts). There are also some parts of 17.6/18.0 included. If something is missing, just tell me the eterpack's name and i'll add it. by Samagon ________ Extracted: 05/04/2018 (DD/MM/YYYY) Included patches: metin2_patch_easter1 metin2_patch_luck metin2_patch_mail metin2_patch_xmas Download: https://mega.nz/#!VGwzRIzY!SfZ6yGV_a21fiwyv2S6ugI9zRyhGoSwaCSMV5xup6Uk[
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