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  1. lmao i solved the problem -.- Wrong: ########## WOLFMAN ########## Correct: ########## #WOLFMAN ########## I've missed a # -.- jesus....
  2. Hello everyone.. I have this problem when i start the game. I just verified 3 different client and svf that have already implemented the lycan. I've tryed to implement it on a clean source too but i get this error. In local name it's already declared syserr: 1018 17:31:09123 :: playerSettingModule.py(line:1624) LoadGameData playerSettingModule.py(line:370) __InitData LoadGameData - <type 'exceptions.NameError'>:global name 'WOLFMAN' is not defined 1018 17:31:09123 :: ============================================================================================================ 1018 17:31:09123 :: Abort!!!!
  3. Thanks to @WLsj24 for the solution he put in his post: Problem Solved!
  4. I still have one single problem left about this system.I know i've driven WLsj24 crazy with all my questions... Link to his system: Almost eveyrhting is working fine,but when i buy something from an opened shop it take the Won from the Buyer,but the seller doesn't recieve them. I've been doing and redoing this tutorial for 2 weeks(the old one and the new one). This is the only problme i have left and i don't know where to look for this problem.I don't have errors in any log(client + server).I'm blind at this point. I've rechecked every single cpp,h,py file... Can someone give me another idea where to look for this? I don't have implemented offline shop at all.It's just the normal shop. Exchange works. Dropping & Picking works. Buying and selling works 50%. ^^
  5. Hi again! Could you please attach these files files? I want to compare them,maybe it's something that's missing from my clean source. uiprivateshopbuilder.py uishop.py -Client src PythonShop.cpp PythonShop.h -Server src shop.cpp shop.h shop_manager.cpp shop_manager.h The problem with buying with Won only or Yang and Won still persits....
  6. CH syslog: CH syserr: I've put 3 items: 1) 1 Won 2) 1 Won & 1 Yang 3) 1 Yang I could buy only the last 2 of them.The first one didn't want to buy and told me Insufficient Yang. In the syslog it will appear only the 2 and 3 item without marking the difference in Unit Type: Sep 16 00:47:10 :: SHOP: BUY: name Test001 Costum Vanator Dragoni+9(x 1):30001389 price 1 Sep 16 00:47:16 :: SHOP: BUY: name Test001 Sabie Inscriptionata +0(x 1):30001367 price 1 I think my game is the problem.It can't make the difference.Even i've remade the entire tutorial.... Exchange with Won - OK Exchange with Won & Yang - OK Droping Won - OK Droping Won from monsters - OK Max limit 999 - OK Max limit when trade - OK
  7. Regarding Server source: In your tutorial in db/ClientManagerPlayer.cpp following this step: /*Search in: void CClientManager::QUERY_PLAYER_LOAD(CPeer * peer, DWORD dwHandle, TPlayerLoadPacket * packet) This: "horse_skill_point " Add after: */ #ifdef ENABLE_CHEQUE_SYSTEM ", cheque " #endif The only place where i have found what you told us to find is this structure inside the void CClientManager::QUERY_PLAYER_LOAD(...): snprintf(queryStr, sizeof(queryStr), "SELECT " "id,name,job,voice,dir,x,y,z,map_index,exit_x,exit_y,exit_map_index,hp,mp,stamina,random_hp,random_sp,playtime," "gold,level,level_step,st,ht,dx,iq,exp," "stat_point,skill_point,sub_skill_point,stat_reset_count,part_base,part_hair," "skill_level,quickslot,skill_group,alignment,mobile,horse_level,horse_riding,horse_hp,horse_hp_droptime,horse_stamina," "UNIX_TIMESTAMP(NOW())-UNIX_TIMESTAMP(last_play),horse_skill_point,cheque FROM player%s WHERE id=%d", GetTablePostfix(), packet->player_id); I'm saying this because you might using a new layout of the same function or the implementation for offlineshop which i don't have. The problem with Buying with Cheque still persists....I don't know what else to do.I've removed first tutorial then i took this one from scratch.Still can't buy with Cheque only or Cheque+Yang. If i buy with Cheque only it tells me Insufficient Yang. If i buy with Cheque + Yang it will take only Yang. ...........
  8. Hello! Sorry for my delay.I just want to tell you some minor things that i've noticed during compilnig.I don't want you think i'm acting smart in front of you or something childish like that.I just want to help you like you helped me. In your github tutorial: ->>> PythonShop.h /*--------------------------------------------------*/ /*Search: void AddPrivateShopItemStock(TItemPos ItemPos, BYTE byDisplayPos, DWORD dwPrice); Replace with: */ #ifdef ENABLE_CHEQUE_SYSTEM void AddPrivateShopItemStock(TItemPos ItemPos, BYTE dwDisplayPos, DWORD dwPrice, DWORD); #else void AddPrivateShopItemStock(TItemPos ItemPos, BYTE byDisplayPos, DWORD dwPrice); #endif /*--------------------------------------------------*/ /*Search: int GetPrivateShopItemPrice(TItemPos ItemPos); Replace with: ->>> Add After: */ #ifdef ENABLE_CHEQUE_SYSTEM int GetPrivateShopItemCheque(TItemPos ItemPos); #endif /*--------------------------------------------------*/ There 2nd step should be Add after.Otherwise it won't compile.It will return: GetPrivateShopItemPrice isn't part of : class CPythonShop Now i'm starting with server compiling proceess.I will come back with additionla informatios if it's neccessary.
  9. Thank you so much! I will remake it tomorrow because now it's 01:30 AM and i'm tired.I want to follow your tutorial without making silly mistakes.
  10. Ok.Thank you for doing this! I literally checked everything line by line to make sure everything is as you did. I've also check unmodified svf regaring normal shop.They are the same without adding Cheque system.That's why i'm confused.At first i tought it's because a new type ITEM_CHEQUE...maybe this is the reason...i'm not sure.
  11. Thank you for your support! Do you have any suggestion about the shop problem? Everything is where it should be...I...checked everything.done.I've implemented on a clean svf too,and still the same problem.
  12. Sorry to disturb you again.Please believe me when i say that i've rechecked the entire tutorial line by line in the last days...i don't know what i'm doing wrong. I still have two problems left: 1. I don't have implemented offline shop.It's normal shop. If the item price is only won i can't buy it no matter how much low the price of Won is.It tells me i don't have enough Yang. If the item price is with Won and Yang it will buy it with Yang only and it will ignore the Won price. 2. Visual problem: https://imgur.com/1FqK4lE If i remove the cheque from inventory window...i get the following error(so removing it isn't a solution): 0912 19:11:24542 :: uiInventory.py(line:328) __LoadWindow ui.py(line:3227) GetChild InventoryWindow.LoadWindow.BindObject - <type 'exceptions.KeyError'>:'Cheque' 0912 19:11:24542 :: ============================================================================================================ 0912 19:11:24542 :: Abort!!!! I've also implemented your Expanded Taskbar.It works perfect without errors. Could you please help me?! I don't know what else to do.In the last week i've redone and rechecked everything.I just don't know what else to check..... Exchange is working. Droping the item and picking is working. Quest is working.
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