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  1. This problem appeared after a period of operation without any problems " First I use the vps to run the game Metin2 it so i install some of the programs required to run the game correctly, such as (Libs -MariaDB) The game was running without any problems until I got some errors on the VNC screen like there is no storage space for the databases , After checking, I actually found some Logs or records in the databases that consume more than 4 gigabytes of space and I deleted all of them in the hope that the problem will end,But so far I have the same problem and I do not know what caused and I ho
  2. hello all i have problem in mab C1 video I hope to find an answer as soon as possible thx all
  3. Hello I have a problem with the place (name) of the stones When used and after use as well Picture of the problem I hope to find an answer as soon as possible Thank you
  4. hello I want to move the name of the tasks to the right slightly From which file can I do this? thx all <3
  5. change locale.cfg from client
  6. hello i have problem in resizwhisper video : I hope to find a solution as soon as possible Thank you uiwhisper.py
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