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  1. Wow! Thank you Maso! I recently made plenty of python windows full of memleaks. Nice to know.
  2. Hi all. Since I'm too busy nowadays, I decided to release all of my old works that I got scammed with. Due to lack of time, my services are suspended for more than 6 months now. Hope that I can help newbies to learn some new techniques. Tbh, I was a newbie too when I made these, but I learned a lot while I was working on them. You have all rights to use all of them, just please leave my name in the footer. Langara2 webdesign (coded with metin2cms, I don't recommend to use it since as I remember this version have some exploits) Diamonds of Ice webdesign (just .psd) Cabron2 webdesign (just .psd) Have fun with them, font are included.
  3. Okay then, please tell us how can GF close a pserver and prove us that GF closed ae, elonia and rubi. I know, you can't.
  4. https://templstock.com/static/demo/html/mu_sky/ These two are really similar...
  5. You stole others works too, what's the problem then? Totally disrespectful.
  6. It's just awesome! Like every map which is created by you.
  7. Hi everyone! I'm looking for a great anticheat. I want to bypass lalaker's hacks and m2bob mostly. I've seen some services, but i'm not 100% sure that they are great. I need references, and a little description about your anticheat. My anticheat now is the older (free) version of the ultimate anticheat by "M2BobFix" or idk what is his name, but that anticheat is just trash. It detects normal files, like video card driver like it's a hack. Sooooo, send me a pm if you want to earn some cash with your service. Thanks in advance. Have a nice day.
  8. Hi everyone! I'm searching for a script that can import gr2 animations to 3dsmax. Of course i can pay for it, but first i need a preview. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi Devs! If you have a nice offlineshop with nice features, and without bugs please send me a message. Or if you are the one, who developed Rubinum's offlineshop send me a pm please. I really want to buy an offlineshop which is well coded, and doesn't have any bugs, and maybe have some beautiful extra feature (like shop style change, title change). Thanks in advance, waiting for your messages!
  10. https://mega.nz/#!oAM2TIIY!HSqtlUhIPb8zpj4hNZoAuoHwVTK2aTec4cC6uTP9-oM Here you go
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