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  1. What I am selling is not selling anything I need encryption instruction to protect my server and not sell it #Close Some are making false accusations In that forum
  2. When I modified that key http://prntscr.com/srxl4f A problem appears in client syserr 0601 22:21:16837 :: LZObject: key incorrect 0601 22:21:00031 :: RunMain Error @xAres
  3. My friend, I need the tool to encrypt my private client and not someone else's client When I encrypted using Enigma, the launcher had viruses I tried to encode using MoleBox Pro, but it was easily decoded using demoleition I am looking for software that encrypts the client in a way that is difficult to decrypt
  4. Version of Files : 40k Hey everyone, I hope everyone is fine I am looking for eix pack encoder without leaving viruses in the launcher. Can anyone give me a program with an explanation of its use and thank you all
  5. Version of Files : 40k Hi, I hope everyone is fine I have a problem with resistors like fire - lightning - darkness etc. Resistors are not activated against monsters and bosses. I want a way or know why to solve this problem More clearly, I want to activate all resistances against monsters and leaders in order to further increase player damage
  6. Welcome allI have a bug system Mount a horse when I have an advantage. For example, 25 points. Get experience. When I lift the seal, this gives me an advantage. When I go up the animal it gives me 25 too, so I have 50 instead of 25.In short, the system gives me the feature twice instead of onceBefore going up on the animal he gives me the value that I added to the seal, which is 25 https://prnt.sc/smn14j After climbing on the animal, give me the same value that you added the seal again? https://prnt.sc/smn1q5 Hope for help is necessary
  7. Hello allI need help adding a fourth socket for armor and weapons in the perceptive system in order for armor and weapons to be displayed without problems.I made several attempts, but I failed because I did not understand the code and how to amend it. I hope someone helps me and thank youPythonChatModule.cpp PyObject * chatGetLinkFromHyperlink(PyObject * poSelf, PyObject * poArgs) { char * szHyperlink; if (!PyTuple_GetString(poArgs, 0, &szHyperlink)) return Py_BuildException(); std::string stHyperlink(szHyperlink); std::vector<std::string> results
  8. // import ui import player import mouseModule import net import app import snd import item import player import chat import grp import uiScriptLocale import uiRefine import uiAttachMetin import uiPickMoney import uiPickEtc import uiCommon import uiPrivateShopBuilder # °³ہخ»َء، ؟­µ؟¾ب ItemMove ¹وءِ import localeInfo import constInfo import ime import uiToolTip import wndMgr import uipicketc # BEGIN_OFFLINE_SHOP import uiOfflineShopBuilder import uiOfflineShop # END_OF_OFFLINE_SHOP if app.WJ_ELDER_ATTRIBUTE_SYSTEM: import uiAttachBonus ITEM_MALL_BUTTON_ENABLE = True if app.ENABLE_SASH_S
  9. I hope to find someone to help me, please
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