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  1. Thanks do you have the icons ?
  2. Hey guys, im searching for the chaos hallowen weapons released long ago i can't find any link to download that's still up but maybe someone has it ? And would be kind enough to share them ? i leave here a print.
  3. Hey, so i was here trying to add a costume but when i equipp there is no model's char is naked here's what i did add textures to pc add correct thing to warrior_m.msm add query with id and value 3 same i put in shape index in warrior_m.msm add to item proto with value3 dame i put in shape index in warrior_m.msm add itemlist path to icon i can see the icon but not when equipped i don't know what i missed someone maybe knows ? ^^
  4. Thanks i fixed this part now i have other error when i click the (?) nothing happens i posted another thread going to close this one, thanks. ^^
  5. Hey, so i click the (?) to see the drops's nothing happens here is the syserr 0214 13:16:47539 :: File "ui.py", line 1344, in CallEvent 0214 13:16:47540 :: File "ui.py", line 87, in __call__ 0214 13:16:47541 :: File "ui.py", line 69, in __call__ 0214 13:16:47541 :: File "uiTarget.py", line 534, in OnPressedInfoButton 0214 13:16:47542 :: File "uiTarget.py", line 139, in Open 0214 13:16:47542 :: File "uiTarget.py", line 163, in __LoadInformation 0214 13:16:47543 :: File "uiTarget.py", line 230, in __LoadInformation_Race 0214 13:16:47543 :: ValueError 0214 13:16:47543 :: : 02
  6. Yeah i have check it http://prntscr.com/iekfpe can you link me the system you installed? Im just going to check all again maybe i did
  7. I installed mob drop info system all okay , in server source, client source, and client pack, but i can't see the (?) in the bar to see the mob's drop it is still the same prntscr.com/ie359z No syserr, maybe anyone knows the cause for this ?
  8. Hey guys i have a problem i installed change ch system, when i try to change from ch1 to ch2 it says ' map 48 dosennt existe on ch2' and when i try to change from ch2 to ch1 i press ok ch change window closes and it dosent change , anyone can help ?
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