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  1. Hey quys i have a question is it possible i can unpack the locale_xx of the official client?
  2. The name of the item yes it is i just translate the details too.!
  3. Hello guys i need a bit of a help with something i know that it wont be hard but i cant find it so.. i have translate my entire item_protto without any problems but i cant find how to translate the details of the items For example: http://prntscr.com/nnvlpn if any of you can help my it would be great thnx in advance..!
  4. Hello guys. I have the Kori sf & client 40k. I have one bug i create a account and player and the player have admin permissions without changed in navicat.. how to fix that? ty.
  5. Hey guys is there any tutorial in this forum of how to add new armor and weapon in server; both client and server side if so please link it down below if not can anyone tell me;
  6. you were correct i did change the locale.cfg but i forgot to change the index thnx for your help mate...!
  7. i have change it to 0 1253 gr but still nothing
  8. hey guys i use kori files and client i try to change the locale_de into locale_gr i change the paths in all .py files in locale and in root+uiscripts i change the locale.cfg into 0 1253 gr but when i try to run the client i get this error http://prntscr.com/kkw93z do i do something wrong?
  9. i am editing the correct thing i change the lvl through winscp and in client the change has been made in game if for axample i change into 150 lv in game you can wear it from 150lv but the ui still says 105
  10. i change it both in client and in winscp but it didnt wok https://prnt.sc/kjjao9 the lvl is changed the armor is from 175 but the ui of armor still says 105
  11. hey guys i change the lvl from an armor from item_protto its works fine but i have a question how can i change the lvl in client http://prntscr.com/kjjao9 this armor is for 150lv now but in game shown it is from 105 how can i change this?
  12. Hey guys i try to translate my mob protto through winscp when i tanslate wild dog for example with english characters the translate looks good but when i try to translate with my language characters(greek) its just cant support it even though my client support greek letters can anyone help me;
  13. is there any tutorial to convert mob_proto from server to client?
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