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  1. Nyuu


    Hello. I'm looking for a programmer who could edit my source. I need to add a txt database to serverfiles temerica / terabithia. Is it possible for someone to do it when I send him the source? I will pay well
  2. Hello. I would like to ask how add map to the game. Do you have any instructions? Cuz I have a problem. I added the map to the server and the client but when I teleport to the map so I cant see the map. Everywhere is black. But I can walk.
  3. Presentation is in Japanese. These are chinese characters. Japanese uses Chinese characters and the katakana still appears and it is the second Japanese alphabet. But I really like it. It's amazing
  4. I mean random chinese characters and Japanese alphabet. It's not good for that. But it looks nice
  5. Why do you have a Japanese presentation? If the server does not have Japanese. I would understand Korean because metin is a Korean game but no Japanese fact. But nice. I love Japanese I like to learn this language.^^
  6. This is not the problem. I use temerica serverfiles and before that I used production. I took the clientmanagerboot from the production and put it in temerica. It does not work. I have tried txt from production and they do not work either. I tried to take protoreader out of production and no effect.
  7. I did it. Still problem again.
  8. When I replaced this bonus(APPLY_COMBAT_SP_RECOVER) for another one, that's what happened. How can I fix this? Please! SYSERR: Feb 12 07:19:15 :: Set_Proto_Item_Table: ItemProto Reading Failed : Invalid value. (index: 3, col: 3, value: 0) SYSERR: Feb 12 07:19:15 :: Set_Proto_Item_Table: 0 ~ 3 Values: 43001,43001,28,
  9. Hello. I use serverfiles that do not have txt. I took the clientmanagerboot from the production serverfiles and put it on my. He packed and uploaded to the server. I tried to run the server and after it was turned on, it says the connection was refused. This is my log in the database: SYSERR: Feb 11 06:39:48 :: Set_Proto_Item_Table: ItemProto Reading Failed : Invalid value. (index: 18, col: 18, value: APPLY_COMBAT_SP_RECOVER) SYSERR: Feb 11 06:39:48 :: Set_Proto_Item_Table: 0 ~ 18 Values: 28044,0,10,0,1,0,0,16,0,2500,2500,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,
  10. I tried to drag them into my manager but I can not pack my source with it. Could not you look at it? I'd send you a manager. Please
  11. I need to modify ClientManagerBoot to read ip and mb from winscp
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