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  1. For me it looks like its just how the animation works... so basically the combo_01 and combo_03 works, but the combo_02 doesnt work because of the collosion data: -> this is for the 01 and 03 which I think does damage, if you imagine the horse under her you can see that its correct, usually collide on the side and on the front with the monsters this is the same from another perspective this is the combo_02 which I think sometimes doesnt do damage on the front because its too high and doesnt collide with the height of the metins So I think its nothing to do with speed, simply its just "visual", cus when the attackspeed is slow you may not notice that the second animation doesn't do damage, and when it becomes faster its more obvious that something is not right.
  2. The second one is totally wrong and causes double deletion.
  3. Although I like the idea very much too I'm a bit sceptical. I think in the very end this would not affect very much the amount or the quality of the newly created releases/topics. Those who make releases time to time would keep doing it anyway (surely this would give a little mental boost to most of them) and those who don't do this because of a reason (no time or don't want to participate in the community with ready to use systems, etc) wouldn't do anyway. As for myself, I would definitely have more affinity for sharing stuff but even though I don't think that it would reach that level when I would actually start doing so.
  4. So: the discord server got deleted and now you don't share a server and you are not in his friendlist or you have been blocked by him I would say its the first one, so its still not a proof. You are very far from the truth if you think that gf has anything to do with AE. Everyone can make theories, but thinking that you have played any part in this incidence is very delusional.
  5. Oh please... this is the biggest bullshit I've read so far in the past days, its like when you buy an ice cream, then you get shot in the head and someone says that HE DIED BECAUSE THE ICE CREAM WAS POISONED.
  6. I don't really see the problem here. So far I use this method only in the aeldra wiki, where I always use a normal base window (which is transparent) as a "peek window", and a second base window (which is also transparent, but contains all the stuff, could be very large). With the first window I can control the size of the visible area, and I put all the stuff onto the second window (so thats the parent window of the real content). Without that obviously you will use the size of the parent window which includes the edges in this case and it will feel like it goes out of the window (but in reality it doesnt).
  7. I couldn't have explained it better myself.
  8. Obviously I have it, but its not for sale or anything like that. I think I already explained how does it work here: Also wanted to make a video talking about the making of AE's wiki, which depends on this feature, but unfortunately didn't have time to finish it so far.
  9. One of those very rare moments when you can actually read a well explained non-bullshit release on a metin2 dev forum that follows a logical thread written with decent language skills. Can't believe my eyes.
  10. https://mega.nz/#!Kx9njSYB!fF5FG_RPEv3UID5QBaE7AbJoDLcdMHXSQVN9hdigiME
  11. I think noone ever did anything like that in the mt2 scene what you are looking for right now. As others said probably the best way to start is to start analysing and understanding other already finished stuff, and modifying things inside them, what will happen, etc... Yes sometimes you will learn bad things or wrong things with this method, but if you do it long enough you will recognize them sooner or later. If you are looking for some other type of information, like how does this or that works (mostly in theory, so you need those type of information like I usually write in my comments) I'm your type of guy, so feel free to ask me, and if I have the time and mental power I won't hesitate to write long long explanations.
  12. However I can't blame gameforge because of everything. They are only a publisher of the game. So we have webzen as the developer, they decide what to code and what patch to give for the publishers. Publishers don't even have a say about it. So if webzen gives a patch with 6th 7th bonus, publishers can decide if they put the patch to live, or no. They can't undo this. They don't even have source or anything. I was doing a research some weeks ago if its possible to get a license from webzen, and if so will you have the right to change the game the way you would like to, and (I didn't talk to anybody nor contacted anybody, only read the available documents and stuff) I realized that no, its not possible. So currently we have 2 companies with license to metin according to webzen's homepage: Ongame (in brazil) and Gameforge (in europe). Yes, thats true that gameforge is still full of crap, and they are doing questionable things like this copyright strike, but still I can't blame them for everything. Not sure if they do or do not care about the feedbacks, or just webzen pisses off the players needs.
  13. Okay, it feels like now you think I'm the bad ugly dev here, because I refused to share or sell this stuff here despite I having it for more than a year. Moreover you took my detailed review about this fix as a personal attack. Let me clear some stuff here (I hope you manage to chill by the time you are reading this). I wrote my answer without any hate or anything. Yes, like I said it felt a bit bad for not leaving any credit for the idea at least with a 1pt textsize that nobody can see but still there. My goal was to tell you the technical problems with your changes. I wrote nothing but the truth. Its always sad to see when someone ignores my technical advises but its more sad when someone misunderstands my intent. Truth sometimes painful but its always necessary. I could have write that "ahh man its even better than my solution, thank you very much, sorry for not telling you and releasing my version". Would it help? Not sure. Did the stuff I do help? In long term I'm sure, but even in short term you changed that now all the motions load correctly, so I guess it did worth. You were asking in the first comment for help and discussion, to improve your solution. I was hoping that my comment will serve this purpose. I wrote even more detailed in some topics there because you said that you are not a programmer. (I would have wrote it anyway because I know that there are not much people out there knowing about pooling and stuff.) I've stopped releasing stuff long time ago, because it felt like giving fully ready stuff under people butts are moving the community and the devs in the wrong way. I've realized that there are no or not much professional devs out there because they are not trying to dive into deep inside stuff and they are doing it because of the money only. So I was thinking what could I do for this community to change this, or help changing this so we could get other more professional devs, and making some competition for the other pros out there. I came to this conclusion that if I explain stuff like this or stuff like the rect clippin would probably impel others to get some experience. There is another reason why I didn't published this particular one is that I made this for a server as a freelancer under a contract, which says I can't share or sell stuff I made for them. Also (and I'm writing this only to inform you, so no hate or anything still) that removing contents are forbidden on this forum.
  14. Not sure if you guys noticed, but its not only private servers. Its all type of content related to "Metin2". You cant upload video even from official servers if you are not an approved youtuber by GF. https://corporate.gameforge.com/games/letsplay/?lang=en I just simply don't understand the logic behind it...
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