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  1. After i compile my Source now i got this error: I don't know what to do? If i gmake clean all? but i don't know how... it doesn't succes by all lib's... or i must be compile with vs 2013 or something´?! Help please^^
  2. bigint in navicat ? Everything in char.cpp/h changed? I have done gold limit shop up to 999kkk (only for me 999kkk (and up to 9.223.372.036.854.755.807)), gold limit inventory up to 9.223.372.036.854.755.807, trade up to 9.223.372.036.854.755.807. I would like to share it on a full tut, but i don't know... i had to find all changes i've done.... but i will do a full tutorial, in the next day's.
  3. if i use this everything show's price like Red Potions for 50.321.563.124 Yang in NPC-Shop and if i open a shop it show's other crazy numbers like 97.352.244.123 if i sell it for 2kkk... #solved was my fault^^ All work, thx
  4. #Bump. nearly everything worked with shop but only this thing if i open my shop with 2kkk+ it show's me 0 yang :/ It must be in uitooltip or some other .py in root, but i didn't find any int integer or anything else... @T4Ump i have no interest. For 15€?! I mean you was at the same problem a long time ago and some people help you.... and now you sell it?
  5. You think i forget something in the source?
  6. you mean for i in xrange?! I know that something is only int , but i don't know where in uitooltip this is... I changed for i in xrange in long but then i can't see any item description yet. :/ I changed to much i think^^
  7. I'm interested where the Source Part of ATTACK_POISON is^^
  8. You didn't replace all things right if you try to raise the Shop limit Yang from NPC's. Make it back to DWORD, or change it right^^ One or two Steps are not long long i think, or didn't included.... but i don't know which File^^
  9. Poison has not 100%. Only 50% if you mean Poison Cloud. But when you mean the Poison chance, you can edit it in the Game-Source for level over 8+ or. 100% by every level i mean the normal Rate have for example 8 Level difference : 1 Level difference 100% 2 Level difference 90% etc. (That mean if you have Poison bonus you have a another Chance/Rate how fast Poison work on a Player/Monster...) Where ATTACK_POISON is defined i don't know^^ But what if you try only Poison? But if you use my Method with the Level difference change, i only mean the change with the rate from Level 1 difference, 2, 3,4 .... every with 100%. Poison will nearly always come.
  10. Hey, can someone help me by the max limit of yang with Privateshop's? I saw this Topic and changed all things... it worked perfectly but the only thing which doesn't work is that the item in the shop have 0 yang, if i open the shop... If i use 2.1kkk it worked everyone over 2.1kkk doesn't worked.... but in the uitooltip i haven't any idea what i must change :S
  11. Can someone upload Cryptopp library for Vanilla Core? :/ I haven't VS 2013 because i have only 4 Gb's Disk space left xD (80GB Hard disk :o)
  12. Error 292 error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol [email protected] etergrnlib.lib UserInterface Error 293 error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol [email protected] etergrnlib.lib UserInterface Error 294 error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol [email protected] etergrnlib.lib UserInterface Error 295 error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol [email protected] etergrnlib.lib UserInterface Error 296 fatal error LNK1120: 4 unresolved externals Release/metin2client.exe UserInterface Anyone have an Idea? I use Novaline Client-Source. I don't find etergrnlib.lib in UserInterface.... Or is it in some other File? #Solved solved. If anyone has the same problem. Put the Files from the Zip Data in your Extern/lib Folder and your special Lib-Folder.
  13. Hey i got : Fatal Error! pack/Index bla bla... When i rename .bin to .exe i got : Invalid Name.... Idk what's wrong. I have Win7... I think only it is because i don't have a D:\Folder only C:\ ..... or because i use a binary from terenzo...
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