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  1. ik iam a little late, but as soon as an python injection is possible that fix wont do anything for you.
  2. Good work, nice to see some other methods of doing stuff. Keep it up
  3. Having a decent setup when running a private-server is the key. BUT.. a PassPod-using tool will still be able to connect to the server even with your network changes in place. What would you, as the server do, if you receive a paket that you can understand that looks legit and contains some valid informations. I dont know but i think i would let it pass. Knowing that it comes from the passpod interface because me in this case doesnt know that passpod could be used for shady shit. This hasnt got anything to do with network settings or your firewall. The server will always let pass a
  4. Nobody talked about any 'new exploit', but since you posted it, im gonna guess you didnt know what was hitting you.
  5. B1g How2 Government dont want you to see: 1: Search for all references to the function 2: Try to remove all references if possible, if needed, do some workaround 3: Remove the function itself
  6. There will always be people using src's with that still in it. If we(they) dont get another decent release thoose kinda threads will be here for ever. Sad story but there are two or three source's publicly available with that removed. But its not like it is like 10 minutes of work to remove it all, nah its just, its ähm.. i dont know, YOU CANNOT REMOVE IT! jk
  7. passpod it in, passpod it away.. serverstate it in, serverstate it away.. People still running those crappy flooders? For src look in Github.. "Akira Metasploit" and "Serverstate Flooder".. You'll find it quickly.. Bruh for real? People are selling the "proper fixing" for that? Man ill write down a txt (How2RemoveDeadCode) tut and post it for free if it stops those skids from getting money.
  8. isnt there missing something? "szeretne érzelmeket veled." => request to kiss,slap etc...
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